Kragthorpe, Brohm questions linger

Great first-person story by Brian Brohm over at Card Chronicle on his recruitment during his junior and senior years at Trinity High School. Sounds like Brian had his mind set on the University of Louisville from day one.

The story everyone is waiting to see, however, is one in which Brian reveals his thoughts of how the hiring of Steve Kragthorpe affected his football career. Brohm went from being a high draft choice after his junior year to the 56th pick in the NFL draft the following season, eventually winding up on the Green Bay practice squad.

Doubtful Brian will ever address it publicly but we would pay to read that one.

Although he will be remembered as one of the best UofL quarterbacks ever, Brohm’s tenure was also marred by injuries along the way, including an ACL tear in his sophomore season, a thumb injury during his junior year and suspected shoulder problems during his senior season.

He seemed to have lost much of his effectiveness his last year for whatever reasons.

Back to Kragthorpe. Sorry, but many Louisville fans are still wondering how a high profile program like LSU would hire the gentleman. Tulsa, where Kragthorpe coached before coming to UofL, refused to even grant him an interview for its recent job opening.

Numerous UofL fans are consoling/castigating LSU partisans over on a Tiger message board. The bitterness lingers.

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The official UofL sports web site is reporting that all 11,000 tickets for the Louisville-Cincinnati women’s basketball game at 2 p.m. Saturday have been sold. Must be expensive to pull back those upper tier black curtains for the upper regions of the KFC Yum! Center. There are 22,000 seats available, right? Maybe the printing presses couldn’t keep up with the demand. Curious situation.

Brian Brohm will be in spotlight in Bills vs. Colts exhibition game

As Charlie Strong would say, it’s time for Brian Brohm to step up.

Much is on the line for Brohm when he steps into the spotlight Thursday. He is expected to step in for starting quarterback Trend Edwards at some point for at least a couple of quarters for the Buffalo Bills in an exhibition game against the Indianapolis Colts at 7:30 p.m. (WMYO, Insight-10)

Signed by the Buffalo from Green Bay’s practice squad in November, Brohm must make the most of this opportunity. Coach Chan Gailey is open to being impressed, recently saying all jobs are open and telling the Associated Press: “He’s very smart. He knows where to go with the football. He’s got good velocity on the ball. He just needs to work on continual accuracy. That’s really been his only issue.”

Bills’ fans, meanwhile, have yet to be impressed if the opinion of Brian Glliford over at Buffalo Rumblings is any indication:

Brohm has never thrown a touchdown pass at the NFL level, even during pre-season action. He does, however, have six interceptions, and his most noteworthy pass to this point in his career came in that loss to Atlanta, in which he threw the pass that became the 1,000th reception of Terrell Owens’ career. It is flabbergasting that any Bills fan reached a point in his or her thought process that a player with Brohm’s resume at the professional level stood any sort of chance of claiming the team’s starting job.

May be now or never. Let it be now.

Brian Brohm in the Buffalo hunt

Brian Brohm is apparently in the chase for the starting quarterback position with the Buffalo Bills. Meanwhile, hoever, he still has the challenge of shaking off a less than stellar NFL start during at Green Bay.

In a recent interview, Brian discussed the advantages of growing up in a football family, with two older brothers who both played at the University of Louisville.

Q: Your father was a QB at Louisville. Your oldest brother, Greg, played receiver at Louisville. Your older brother, Jeff, was 1988 Kentucky Mr. Football, starred at Louisville and played QB in the NFL. What was it like carrying on such a heavy family tradition?

A: I pretty much grew up with a football in my hand. My older brother Jeff played in the NFL for seven years. He’s the guy I always looked up to. I wanted to be just like him. He’s 15 years older than me. Greg is 16 years older. I think I was 8 years old when my brother went to the Super Bowl with the Chargers. I got to experience that. I just fell in love with the game and the position of quarterback. They were always helping out, coaching me, in every sport.

It wasn’t just football. Basketball, baseball, they’d get me in the backyard. I remember in eighth grade my brother Jeff had just gone through Bill Walsh’s QB school. He came back and had me doing all the 5-step, 7-step drops, all that stuff. I was very fortunate. I think it really helped me out when I was younger that I had that coaching and a lot of other guys didn’t.

You can read the entire interview with the Buffalo News here.

Catching Up With Brian Brohm

Brian Brohm, a favorite with University of Louisville football fans, was clearly struggling during his first year with the Green Bay Packers, relegated to third-string quarterback and minimal playing time during the regular season.

Brohm is using a throwing glove in training camp, coming up with the idea after fumbling twice in last year’s preseason finale — attributing the fumbles partially to sweaty hands, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“Just looking back, trying to remedy that, looked at the glove. Kurt Warner wears it along with a lot of guys aruond the league. I don’t know how often I’m going to wear it. If it’s hot, then I might throw with the glove on, get a better grip and throw the ball,” Brohm said.