Reasons the observer can hardly wait to pack the car and head out to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for the kickoff Saturday:

  • Another opening game for University of Louisville football, the 54th for the observer since first hearing Ed Kallay broadcast the games on WAVE radio. No Louisville football on TV in those days. The games would have been in black, white and grainy.
  • A return to a great stadium, a possibility that was never even imagined before Howard Schellenberger. Seemed unlikely in 1985 to the observer, sitting behind that post blocking the view of the 50-yard line at old Fairgrounds Stadium.
  • The observer and his first date with Barbara, the girl he would later marry, occurred at a Louisville football game on Nov. 28, 1972. Took a while to ask her if she liked football, less than a minute for her to say yes.
  • Attending a meeting in the mid-seventies with U of L athletic director Dave Hart, Jr. about a tailgating concept he wanted to introduce at football games. He claimed it would enhance the social atmosphere at games.
  • The observer lifting his son high in the air after touchdowns, still wincing from the binoculars banging into the nostrils on one occasion. Watching him grow into a bigger U of L fan than the observer, his reveling in a win over Miami.
  • The observer introducing his first grandson to Louisville football, his excitement at Eric Shelton running 90 yards for a touchdown on the first play against Cincinnati.
  • Bowl game after bowl game, the apex coming in Miami for an Orange Bowl, the jets shaking the stadium after the National Anthem, the observer surrounded by approximately 40,000 U of L fans.
  • The optimism of team members, despite the grumbling, that comes with this season. The observer likes the positive attitude, the talent at several key positions, and wants whoever happens to be the University of Louisville football coach to be wildly successful.
  • Watching the steel rising above the east side of the stadium, the promise of a future that the University of Louisville intends to keep.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

8 thoughts on “Why Louisville Football Is A Magnet”
  1. I was also impressed with Will in the few times I got to see him at practice. Not sure if he’s a better QB that Stoudt…and I hope the move doesn’t get Zach thinking transfer…because I do believe that Stoudt is the future QB for the Cards.

    When Froman heals, he’ll most likely be QB2. But, Burke is going to have to mess up badly to lose that stasrting job, in my opinion.

    Joe, I watched that game also last night. NC State dropped two TD’s in the end zone that would have won it. The ol’ ballcoach got out of Raleigh a very lucky man.

  2. Nice piece. Unwavering support and love for our football program is what you have. I have it too. So does my son. I love the Cards. I love being at the stadium. Hell, I love to drive by the stadium in February! I’ll be there with you when the Cards come thru the Card March and when the Cards come out of the HLS complex for the first time this season. Hopefully the Bird will be flying in as well. Go Cards!

  3. What? Will is the backup? Did Stoudt get hurt also? After watching the woeful performance by NC State last night against South Carolina and realizing that Burke left there because he couldn’t get playing time makes me wonder about just how good Burke actually is.

    News flash. Quincy put up 3 points on SEMO tonight. Last check SEMO is still scoring in the parking lot on the way to their cars. Guess the old coroner got worn out against Ind. State.

    1. Will Stein always surprises me with how well he performs in scrimmages. But he did lead Trinity to a state championship so we shouldn’t be too amazed that he doesn’t look like a small guy without any skills at all.

  4. You are correct in that this stadium seemed unlikely. But when a 5’8″ walk on is listed as the back up QB anything can happen.

  5. Take note: It snowed that night. I wore an all-red pantsuit, appropriately. And, being a rather recent UK grad, choke, I wondered what all the fuss was about. Soon enough, I crossed over to the dark side and never looked back. Go Cards! See you all at Card March!

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