Reasons for University of Louisville fans to attend the U of L-Syracuse football game:

  • No bandwagon jumpers or fair weathers will be there.
  • A chance to beat Syracuse, a school with more than its share of haughty fans who held their collective nose when Louisville entered the Big East.
  • Tom Jurich got the message and sent one of his own several football games ago.
  • Nostalgia. Remember what it was like before Howard Schnellenberger came to Louisville.
  • Times like these make a fan appreciate the good times. Also, it makes future success that much better.
  • Food always tastes better during tailgating, especially fried chicken.
  • Sun rising on the Darius Ashley era.
  • Sun setting on the Steve Kragthorpe era.
  • The observer would like some company.
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

8 thoughts on “Why Go To Louisville-Syracuse Game”
  1. As for the end of the Kragthorpe era let me share part of an article from the “Feeling The Heat” article in today’s The Sporting News:

    “Two jobs already are open…more are on the way.

    It starts this weekend in Louisville, where the Cardinals play host to Syracuse in what can only be described as win or clean out the office on Monday for Coach Steve Kragthorpe.

    It’s bad enough that Kragthorpe’s teams have underachieved in his three seasons; it’s worse that his era has taken a program that had joined the nation’s elite and left it fighting with Syracuse to stay out of the Big East cellar.”

    There’s more but the above is certainly enough.

    Krap, now I am going to be pulling for us with mixed emotions.

  2. Yep, we’ll be there. Sonja grumbling about noon kickoffs. My back screaming agony this morning after a pitiful night of bowling. My little buddy that I was going to take to his first UofL football game can’t go, though because his aunt may not make it thru the weekend. Prayers with ya.

    Hit the head pin, dummy!

  3. This year we had Indiana State and Arkansas State – I suppose we have an indication of the kind of competition Kragthorpe is preparing for in the future.

    “I don’t care if we were playing Mercy (Academy) today,” UofL coach Steve Kragthorpe said. “It didn’t matter. We just needed a win.”

    This is not the type of comment a leader makes.

  4. Or…is Kragthorpe indicating that a new team might appear on the schedule next year…the Mercy Jaguars?
    Get us a home and away with them, Tom…

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