More bad news the University of Louisville football program doesn’t need, or just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for Steve Kragthorpe, they do:images

A court date is scheduled next Wednesday in Dallas in the case of Luke Woodley who stands accused of driving while intoxicated. A police report alleges Woodley was driving the wrong way on a street in a GMC Yukon shortly before 3 a.m. on May 3.

Mr. Woodley, of course, is the same Highland Park quarterback who recently made a verbal commitment to play football at Louisville.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

12 thoughts on “Whoops, Louisville Recruit Incapacitated”
  1. I have all the utmost respect for CB. Know him personally and he and I have had some great discussions in past years about Cardinal sports. CB will always shoot it straight and speaks from the heart. A more passionate UofL fan you will not find. His disillusionment about Cardinal football is easily understandable and a common viewpoint about the program these days. Hard to crawl thru the valley when you’ve been to the mountaintop….

    I see the point how about Krags saying one thing and doing the other. But, I think he must have known about the arrest before he ever offered the scholly. I guess it’s all about giving someone a second chance, much as Jurich has for Krags. The sentiment out there is strong on the Kragthorpe issue. It’s almost gotten to the point when I hear the word “Kragthorpe” I go into involuntary shivers and dread hearing the rest of the comment. Sadly, he’ll probably not discuss the incident with the media…much less the fans. He is what he is, and he’ll never be mistaken for an affable, congenial leader.

    All that being said, the one thing that I’d like to think all Cardinal fans hope for, in the long run, is success for our athletic programs. We may disagree and debate on the current effectiveness of some of them…but when the day is done, we’re still supporting the red and the black.

    I find myself anticipating this football season because of the potential talent we have on the field. Whether our current leader will be able to use it effectively remains to be seen, and some will insist he won’t, but I’ll give him credit if he does and question his motives if he doesn’t. We all will. Let’s hope for the best and cheer our guys on. Like you, I’ll groan if we goof up, but I’ll also cheer when we do good.

    I hope I’m cheering a lot.

  2. Kragthorpe’s biggest sin is that he isn’t winning games. All this b.s. is exactly that until the season begins and we see what he is able to do in his third season. People making pre-judgments are in dire jeopardy of being made to look like what they are, with their asses where their mouthes are supposed to be.

  3. cbcard you seem to be one of the few on here that is honest enough to tell it how it is. Paul, if Krags knew about this then I have a huge issue with it. 1st of all, if he were to attend an SEC school, well that would have been all she wrote. I admit, I drank when I was under aged, but I never drove a car the wrong way down a one-way street after I had. As cbcard puts it so elquently, Krags is a hipocrite who also fired a a family that has put more into this football program then anyone else. The right way… lets see: Kid with possible falsified grades (check), non-quals aka JuCo’s (check), DUI Texas QB (check), run off the Brohm’s (check), run off every other coach (Check), and lastly run off thousands of fans (check). I’m sorry this is the wrong way to run a program, do I need to bring up Willie Williams again?

  4. Beer drinking doesn’t bother me so much. Driving the wrong way on a one way street (But officer, I was only driving one way) at 3 AM does. Thank goodness he didn’t cause a wreck much less a fatal one.

    My biggest problem is Kragthorpe constantly talking about doing things the “right way” and avoiding players who could be considered questionable. This makes two questionable players in a month (who may be good kids but their actions certainly have raised eyebrows). I wouldn’t be as upset if not for the Koach’s pontifications. I dislike the smell of napalm and hypocrisy in the UofL football program.

    1. Just FYI, and not to diminsh AT ALL what happened, the street is easy to go the wrong way on – day or night. He is a good kid, and comes from a great family. He has learned from his mistake, and is absolutely committed to the program.

  5. Krags obviously knew about the incident before offering the scholly, so I’m not going to consider it a big deal.

    More than one high school juniors over the years have experimented with beer. Some of us decided to major in it at college. The best news about him, of course, would be no news like this at all…but I’ll settle for a drinking beer episode in lieu of something like a “drive by”, gang rape, drug dealing or assault and battery.

    The punishment fits the crime. He’ll hopefully learn from the indisrection and behave more appropriately in the future. Maybe he watched one too many episodes of “Friday Night Lights” or succumbed to peer pressure. It’s over, done with and he’s paying the price. Water under the bridge.

    On a side note, if all the football players at UofL back in my day would have been popped for beer drinking, Vince Gibson wouldn’t have been able to field a team.

  6. Many kids do stupid things. It’s a wonder I survived my early years. But Krapthorpe’s greatest talent is his hypocrisy. He has preached “doing things the right way” ad nauseum and yet has started to sign “troubled” recruits. He makes me sick.

  7. Having attended a junior college en route to a Master’s degree at U of L, I am offended that someone would lump jucos into some undesirable heap. Most kids attend junior colleges because they want to make something out of their lives, and that’s an admirable quality. Take your ire for jucos out on some other class, please.

  8. JuCo’s, kids with criminal records, and kids with acedemic issues. Sounds like the right way to me, if we were running the Buechel School Football team. Kragthorpe’s days are numbered.

  9. Around Derby time, I see. Either he was trying to practice what Derby week is like in Louisville…or he took some of my Derby Day picks and was trying to drown his sorrows and financial downfall…

    1. Just another example of doing things the “right way.”
      Hopefully, we can get back to doing things the wrong way soon and play some diciplined winning football with almost no off-the-field incidents like we used to…

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