Where Oh Where Is Zach Stoudt

By Paul Sykes

Maybe it is time to call in one of the many so-called TV investigators or get out the bloodhounds. Someone get access to the milk cartons and get his photo on there pronto. Zach Stoudt has failed to hit the field in the 2009 football season.

You remember Zach Stoudt, don’t you? A red shirt freshman out of Columbus, Ohio, Stoudt was the talk of spring practice with his rifleman arm and ability to throw towering passes deep down the field. A nice showing in the spring game led observers to believe Stoudt would be in the mix for a starting role as the Cardinal’s quarterback.

Zach Stoudt
Zach Stoudt

Fall practice gave Stoudt the chance to contend for that role and from what fans saw in the limited chances they had to watch him, that arm was still golden and accurate.

But he slid down the depth chart. Even with Adam Froman sidelined for the start of the season, Zach slipped to third string and walk-on Will Stein assumed the backup role. With injuries to Adam Froman and Justin Burke during the Cincinnati game, one would have thought that Steve Kragthorpe might have used the situation to see how Stoudt performed in a game. It did not happen.

Stoudt spent his high school years quarterbacking for perennial Ohio power Dublin-Coffman. He finished his career there with 3,547 yards passing, 34 touchdown and was rated as the 19th best quarterback in he nation by Rivals when he graduated. Former offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm worked closely with Zach during his red shirt year and at 6’4″ and 215 lbs., Stoudt has the size and strength that the diminutive Stein does not. He’s burned his red shirt. He’s healthy.

A nice showing in the spring game led observers to believe Stoudt would be in the mix for a starting role ...

But, he still sits. Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly has a knack of using multiple quarterback throughout the football season and they all mesh into the UC offensive format. Is the Kragthorpe offensive scheme that difficult where Stoudt can’t comprehend it?

(You’ve witnessed it, it isn’t…and a trained chimp could probably hand to Powell, Anderson and Ashley.)

With five games remaining in this season, and the Cardinals plagued by multiple injuries to their top two depth chart hurlers, isn’t it time to see what the kid can do? Face it, this season isn’t going to send us bowling, we very well may lose four out of the last five.

Give the kid a shot.

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Paul Sykes

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3 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Is Zach Stoudt

  • October 29, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    This should not come as a surprise.
    Nothing against Stoudt, but the Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator is an blithering idiot who does not know what the hell he’s doing.

    That fact was painfully obvious TWO YEARS AGO….

    In the era of Obama, all we can do is think about “HOPE and CHANGE”.

  • October 29, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Maybe Stoudt is human instead of the uptight straight arrow Krapthorpe loves.

    Or just change Stoudt’s name to Matt Sims II. How can I like the sequel when the first episode made no sense.

  • October 29, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    Apparently trained chimps can also be head coaches of BCS programs.

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