Having experienced a situation years ago where plain clothes policemen burst on a scene, the observer can identify with the situation in which Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith recently found themselves.

You’re there having a good time on a football weekend. Maybe a couple of people are arguing, a little shoving is involved. But all a sudden, a bunch of burley brawny guys appear out of nowhere, shoving people around, pushing men and women against walls or down to the floor, treating friends like dirt.

Who cares what the words are on their shirts. That doesn’t make them special or cool. You’ve got an FBI hat and a Police shirt yourself. You either freeze or fight back.

Jennings fought back, and Smith came to his aid.

What’s with the plain clothes stuff, anyway? They look and act more like mobsters than police. Whatever happened to treating people like human beings?

There are two sides to every story, of course, and college kids will be college kids. The players aren’t necessarily angels either.

Jennings and Smith are scheduled to appear in a Jeffersonville Court on Monday to respond to charges of resisting arrest.

Oh, and you might want to have the party in Louisville next time.

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Basketball practice begins in earnest for the men’s and women’s basketball teams on Friday. For some, it is an escape from a challenging football season. For others, it is a return to their first love. Sonja has a take on the Lady Cards here.

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Anyone else share the opinion that the “Bag Krag” outbreak is the lowest form of redneck taste? You can want Steve Kragthorpe gone, but you don’t have to hide your face in a barf bag.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

11 thoughts on “When A Party Turns Into A Panic”
  1. Piling on? No way…Kragthorpe has taken the football program to standards that are Cooper-esque, there is no such thing as piling on. We should be (and are) ashamed of him as our head coach, and what he has done to the program. We support the players, and sympathize with what they have gone through over the past 3 years of mediocrity and whatever you can call the program now.

  2. I’ve been following football for a few years so I’ve seen the bags a few times. In this case, I think it represents more piling on. The situation will be resolved in a couple of months.

  3. The “Bag Krag” is not something new. If you recall the “aints” fans that were too embarrassed to show their faces while their beloved New Orleans Saints lost most of their games in the 1980s a tradition of wearing a bag on your face was started. The bag your face was originally intended as a way to go the game and support the team that does not play up the caliber that is expected (without being recognized). I think most card fans are embarrassed about the level of playing, try living in Texas and talk about Cardinal Football right now!

    “The Saints have been around 43 years, have had a grand total of eight winning seasons and have made the playoffs six times. For years they were known more for teams that played so badly their fans called them the “Aints” and wore grocery bags over their heads.”

    1. we all know that putting a bag over one’s head to show discontent is nothing new, but taking pictures as ridiculous as “bag krag”? definitely not.

  4. Having gone thru a “police escort” moment down in Memphis in 1999, I still believe that if I hadn’t shown the utmost respect and courtesy to the officers (both uniformed and plainclothed)that were escorting me out of the Liberty Bowl, I would have been locked up instead of just being ejected from the game.

    I didn’t get tazered, got a heck of a punch in on a loud and obnoxious Memphis fan and later purchased scalper tickets and snuck back into the contest from the other end of the stadium.

    If the man with the badge is talking, you’re well advised to listen.

  5. You never know these days. The cops over react as much as the participants. They are trained to be tough guys. Lessons in diplomacy are cut out of the budget. The moral is get the hell out of there when the PO-lice are called.

  6. Lighten up a little, Charlie. Bag Krag is the anti-anti-coach website. It’s all about having some fun and just being as ridiculous as possible. Putting a paper bag over your head has long been a form of showing discontent at sporting events. Bagging is simply the art of good-naturedly telling a person that it is time to step down from a position for which he/she is not suited. This just takes it to another level, one of creativity and spontaneity.

  7. Probably have to have been in a situation like that to see how people can get emotional or confused. Want to argue liberal vs. conservative? I come down conservative most of the time.

  8. honestly, tell me how smith/jennings are the victim? people dont get tazed – twice – for doing nothing. simple as that

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