What To Expect vs. West Virginia

Few rivalries in collegiate sports have reached such a high level of intensity in such a short period of time as Louisville versus West Virginia. You know what they say about rivalries, toss the records out the window. It’s that kind of rivalry.

The Cards also have something else going for them this time around: Nobody expects them to win. Have fun, play loose, anything can happen. Stranger things have already happened this football season.

Too many U of L fans, however, seem to have an unhealthy sense of dread about this matchup or as blogster Tom Heiser phrased it, “much like the anticipation of an approaching hurricane just hours away at sea.” Calm down folks, this storm, too, shall pass. There may even be a pot of gold out there somewhere. Why else would there be a gold rush?

Some things to watch for:

— Mountaineers will run a trick play or two. The magic acts have been so effective against the Cards this season, it would be foolish not to go for the rabbit. How about backup quarterback Jarrett Brown coming in as running back and throwing a TD pass to Pat White? Nah, too easy.

— Bilal Powell to be seriously involved in the U of L offense. If the ground game is going to be effective, the Cards must utilize the quickness and escapability of Powell to offset the predictability of Brock Bolen and Anthony Allen.

— Harry Douglas will be back, for real this time. He’s just too good to allow himself to become just another wide receiver in U of L record books.

— Brian Brohm wants to win this game, badly. Running, passing, whatever it takes. You don’t become a legend without achieving the seemingly impossible.

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Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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