What should happen as a result of a blown call by an official that resulted in a touchdown for UConn when a player made a fair catch signal but then ran for a touchdown?

The back judge Mark McAnaney said he had turned his head and didn’t see the player raise his arm. Standing within 15 feet of the player and didn’t see it? He couldn’t really expect us to believe that. The other officials were apparently looking away, too, because none of them had the courage to correct the error.

Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese admitted that the lack of a call was a mistake and has apologized to U of L. He said the “subject could be addressed after the season.”

U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich was reserved in his comments, “If we say anything it’s just sour grapes,” he said. “I think UConn has got to address it. I think the league has to address it … I just don’t think we benefit by saying anything.”

Schools should not be penalized for bad officiating. Apologies and admissions of guilt are meaningless. What should happen is that a bad call that results in points for one team or the other should be correctable. The call was, in fact, correctable via review but the officials didn’t know that.

The first thing that should happen is that the official, who wasn’t even watching the punt return, should be fired. The player who committed the nefarious play should be disciplined. Moreover, the seven points should be deducted.

No way. That final score will stand. There’s an unwritten rule that scores don’t change after time has elapsed. Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s reflects a major flaw in the system. Maybe it’s time to revisit the rulebook. Tranghese doesn’t have the power to do that but he certainly isn’t helping by waiting until after the season to address the matter.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

2 thoughts on “What should Tranghese do?”
  1. U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich was reserved in his comments, “If we say anything it’s just sour grapes.”

    There’s a saying from the black community that “Winter grapes are sour, whether you can reach them or not.” It is a crying shame the ruse was not adequately reviewed and penalized at the time.

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