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Somewhat dated but too good to pass up …

Following Marquis Teague’s decision a couple of months ago to play college basketball at Kentucky, a school he had never visited, Louisville blogger Doug Bennett, Jr. posted the following on The Last Blog In America:

Marquis said: “It’s been real tough. It’s tough to tell coach Pitino no.”

— Marquis meant: “It’s even harder to tell Ben Franklin no.”

Marquis said: “I had people from Louisville and Kentucky saying things about each other’s school. It was pretty crazy, I really didn’t think it would get like that.”

— Marquis meant: “I was surprised UK fans could operate computers.”

Marquis said: “I’ll tell him (Pitino) thank you for recruiting me and I love you and your family. I would have loved to have played for you, but I had to do what was best for me.”

— Marquis meant: “Have you seen my blue Porsche?”


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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