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Groan. Darn you, ESPN. Big East. Whoever is responsible.

Surprise. The University of Louisville vs. West Virginia football game will be played at noon, Nov. 20, to accommodate Big East Game of the Week TV programming.

What about the ticket buyers and tailgaters, guys?

Chopped liver.


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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “West Virginia at noon”
  1. Does that mean WVU @ UofL is the BE game of the week? If so, it’s good news for me as an out-of-towner, as it means I can see it on MASN.

  2. Screw the big east game of the week. Tailgating will blow and noon kickoff means so much less intensity

  3. But it wouks out OK for the double header. Should be getting out of the parking lot around 4:00 and then heading downtown for dinner and the basketball game.

  4. Yes, but if we beat WVU to become bowl eligible I would almost be inclined to stick around @ PJCS and celebrate than go to the bball game v Jackson State

  5. So, we have become the “Good Morning Kentuckiana” of college football. Noon starts. The four letter network will eventually come up with the 9 a.m. kickoff to satisfy their own ratings and wanderlust and “you know you” will be shoved into the time slot. Looks like another breakfast tailgate…

  6. Sounds like a coffee, jelly donut, omelet & bloody mary – type of pre-game fare. It ain’t ideal for Saturday-Football in The VILLE. Yet …. not too bad though & it’s better than C-USA. Pass the hot sauce!

    1. We’ll be going with country ham and biscuits. Oh and maybe something chilled, like OJ, or maybe a mimosa would work. GO CARDS!

  7. How about a triple header and an allnighter? Fri night under the lights at CD, don’t even have to move your car.

  8. Get some Brohmelets, RonEnglish muffins and Douglas Doughnuts going early on. Postgame with Schnellenburgers.

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