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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

19 thoughts on “Waiting game for U of L”
    1. It sure was strange wasn’t it? This UT fella seems to me like he keeps contradicting himself. We are coming to the Big 12 though and we will whup up on them boys! GO CARDS!

      1. You are so right Matt…they better get ready because here comes U of L and we got a chip on our shoulder and Charlie Strong…oh yeah. Go CARDS!!!

  1. Mr Springer, you are a gentlemen, sir.

    My apologies to Louisville fans for playing the devil’s advocate in these discussions. My intention was not to hurt feelings, but to generate thoughtful and meaningful conversation on the topic of conference realignment. No one wants to be left out and conference realignment is a messy business. It tends to generate anger and hostility among members and among conferences.

    Louisville fans obviously have a passion for their sports programs and that is how it should be. You would be a good cultural fit in the Big 12 as all Big 12 fans are quite passionate as well. Almost all games are sellouts. This year, at UT’s first 2 home games alone (non-conference), there were more than 100,000 fans in the stands. The noise generated by such a crowd was amazing!

    At any rate, my best wishes to Louisville in its pursuit to join the Big 12.

  2. It’s funny that Louisville downplayed wanting to join the Big 12 when expansion talks first started several months ago, but now that the Big East may not exist, the fans are ready to jump on board.

    Every school knows that it needs to have bargaining power if it hopes to join any conference. If Louisville administrators are truly interested in having a chance to join the Big 12, then they need to be proactive and not reactive. Louisville “waiting” for an invitation is not being proactive. Louisville fans are under the impression that Louisville is the only school in the discussions at Big 12 headquarters. Many schools are in the discussions right now, but that doesn’t guarantee an invitation. Some schools are higher on the list of candidates than others. No one knows if the Big 12 will be happy with just adding one team or three. Oklahoma wants BYU, TCU, and West Virginia or Air Force. Texas wants BYU, West Virginia, but is not clear on a 3rd candidate. I’ve even read Boise State mentioned a few times at some web sites, but those are just rumors.

    Big 12 fans are tired and are just as anxious as any to get this all over with so that we can move on. Personally, I would be happy to see Louisville invited, but I (like every Big 12 fan) have no say in the matter. The Big 12 wants to maintain its value and reputation in the eyes of ABC/ESPN and Fox and the school or schools chosen to invite will determine that.

    Another interesting thing to note is that if the Big East continues to be poached, what will Notre Dame do with its Olympic sports? It may be forced to join the Big Ten after all.

    1. Thanks for your hospitality. Louisville has been in continuous contact with the Big 12 for at least a year. Until one receives an invitation to a more prestigious conference, all a school can do publicly is pledge support to its existing conference. I agree that will be interesting about what Notre Dame decides about its Olympic sports. The Irish will finally will be forced into the 21st century.

  3. I always chuckle when people try to argue that academic reputation matters when we’re talking about sports. It’s all about the money, plain and simple.

    Methinks UT4Big12 doth protest too much.

    Remember the admonition about people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? For someone to say Louisville needs to stay in a basketball conference because the Big 12 is such an impressive football conference I have one question. . . . if the Big 12 is such a great football conference, why have 3 teams who are known only for their football tradition bolted the conference (not to mention the 3 or 4 other teams who expressed interest in leaving) for greener pastures?

    I smell fear.

  4. Oh and by the way, our U of L Dance team just won their 11th NATIONAL Championship…again, we can compete with any school in any conference…go CARDS!!!!!

  5. In the past 5 years, U of L Men’s BB team and U of L Women’s BB team went to the Final Four. (I lost count of how many BE Championships we won in ALL sports). Our Baseball Team went to the College World Series; Our Men’s Soccer Team started this season ranked No. 1 in the country and are still #3 in the country. Our Women’s Softball Team went to the Finals last year; our FOOTBALL team won the Orange Bowl…not to mention our tennis, golf, volleyball, field hockey teams who won Championships consistently. Oh, by the way, our rowing team is also always in the top 10 competing with schools such as UCLA, USC and other top schools. I’d say U of L can compete in ANY sport with ANY team in the Big 12…oh,just heard on the news talks are heating up between the Big 12 and U of L…go figure and go CARDS!

    1. BYU web sites makes the same claim about their school. “Talks are heating up?” Yeah, right. Talks may be heating up more with BYU and TCU than with anyone else. Louisville will continue to wait and to hope that an invitation will be coming. There is nothing wrong with dreaming.

      The Big 12 will look for a school that will bring an expanded TV market. BYU trumps all possible candidates in this area. When the question pertains to which school has a better academic reputation, there is no doubt that BYU trumps everyone in this situation as well. These are the facts.

      The only thing that Louisville is known for in Big 12 country is its basketball. That is why it needs to stay in a basketball league.

      It is funny that you make all these claims about Louisville and I have yet to see the school be ranked in anything. Where is Louisville currently ranked in football (where it really matters)? Where does Louisville rank academically when compared to University of Texas, University of Missouri, University of Kansas and Iowa State? These schools are members in the prestigious AAU (Association of American Universities). Membership to the AAU is by invitation only. Check it out on the web.

      You can win all the dance and field hockey and table tennis contests you want, but that doesn’t prove anything. There are universities that are better qualified and this is where it really counts with the Big 12.

      1. Settle down. Louisville started the season No. 1 in soccer, women’s team played in national championship game two years ago, baseball played in the College World Series, football the BCS Orange Bowl in 2007. A little research on your part might be helpful. Heard of Google?

        1. How rich is Louisville because of these past achievements? Yeah, that’s what I thought. We live in the present and not the past, btw. What does Louisville have to offer today? You are talking about Olympic sports adding value to Louisville. Major conferences will only laugh at the thought. Orange Bowl in 2007? That was 4 years ago.

          The Big 12 will not add a school unless the school adds value to the conference. I don’t see Louisville doing this at this time. University of Houston wants to join the Big 12 so it makes the same claim (they won Conference USA title a few years ago).

          Look for 1.) TV marketability as it relates to college football, 2.) academic reputation and 3.) a large fan base to be the deciding factors on who gets invited to join. As much as I hate to admit it, BYU is the only school that meets all 3 criteria.

  6. Matt, you have a sense of humor. “Lets go whup up on those midwest schools…,” you must be dreaming.

    Which sport do you think Louisville can compete with in the Big 12? Texas (football, basketball, and baseball), Oklahoma (football), Kansas State (football, basketball and baseball), Kansas (basketball), Baylor (football, basketball and baseball), Missouri (football, basketball and baseball)?

    Check out ESPN’s current conference power rankings. The Big 12 is #1, while the Big East is #7.

  7. Matt, if I knew for certain we were going to the Big 12, there would be no containing the observer.

    1. Thanks Charlie, I know you would let your readers know. It’s fun to read your thoughts sir. I hope you will continue to put people in their place when they deserve it. BTW, I couldn’t be contained either if we had the news right now. I feel we will be joining as soon as Missouri joins the SEC. GO CARDS everyone! BEAT Marshall and lets fill PJCS to the brim!

  8. Come on Mr. Springer, let your readers know sir. This fan certainly hopes we are there or are very, very close. You, sir, know more than I. Go CARDS! Lets go whup up on those midwest schools, they can’t hold us down! I do know that many Big 12 fans would love to have us.

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