Before anyone else gets the urge to call, the observer doesn’t want or need any more tickets to the Louisville-West Virginia football game. Season ticket holder here for 40 years. Two tickets are all we need, but thanks.

People giving up tickets is not good. Twice today, individuals have offered them. Gonna be too cold, they say, adding something to the effect that the Cards will get creamed. The encouraging part is they said they want the tickets to be used and will offer them to someone else. That would be a positive thing.

The Louisville football team could very well “get creamed” on Saturday. But even more embarrassing would be an excess of empty seats belonging to people claiming to be ardent UofL fans. The ultimate test of loyalty is a game in which the Cards are sure underdogs, with a coach under fire, with a losing season looming for the first time in over a decade, and with temperatures in the low forties.

People who will show up for game under these conditions are the diehards. Their affinity for the university extends beyond personalities, temporary setbacks, and controversy. A game actually provides relief from the arguments about who did what, for whom, why, who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s smart, who’s dumb and what will happen during the off season. They are more than diehards, they are the foundation, the people you know you can count on whatever the future holds for Louisville football.

They are well aware that this team has nothing to lose. Nothing to lose, unless you count the 22 seniors who will be playing in their final Louisville football game at home. The Cards have compiled a 32-15 record during their time here, including an Orange Bowl win and a Gator Bowl appearance. And, yes, they know the young men will be playing their hearts out for them.

Plus, it’s the last college football game in Louisville for another 10 months. Basketball can help fill the sports vacuum but it’s not football. Plenty of reasons to put those football tickets to good use.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “One More Test Of Louisville Football Loyalty”
  1. Couldn’t be any more miserably cold than an ice storm in Memphis or a freezing skating rink of a parking lot in Pontiac on Christmas Eve Eve. Just add another layer under your (black) parka and BE THERE for the seniors!

  2. Oh yeah – we don’t have tickets or we’d be there. The coldest I have ever been at a U of L game was when Howard was here; we were playing Michigan State in the Liberty Bowl. We were wrapped in anything we could find including plastic bags on our feet. Afterward the women told me how “tough” I was to sit it out and not even go down to the restroom at half time to warm up…little did they know that I COULDN’T get up because I was wrapped so tight. I loved you post Charlie and you are so right – PLEASE those of you with tickets – be in your seats before kickoff and until the game is over. The Cards might pull it out for you. As always, Go CARDS !

  3. Second that! This is football folks take it with the ups & downs, as mentioned before
    the players want to win more than we want them to, make their last home game a great one win or loose, part of that is awesome fan support!! Thats a huge part of a great experience…being appreciated for your efforts! Now Go CARDS! x 2

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