And here’s that winning blow by Zak Wasserman:

The University of Louisville baseball team owning a 6-4 lead over Kentucky going into the top of the ninth inning, with ace reliever, premium stopper, unbeaten Neil Holland on the mound. Maybe we can relax a bit.


Holland will get hammered for four hits, give up two bases on balls and allow five runs in probably the worst outing in his college career, giving UK what appears to be a formidable 9-6 lead in the final inning.

But hold on. U of L not quite done. Top of the order:

Drew Haynes nubs a grounder to second.

Jeff Arnold singles up the middle. A sliver of hope.

Adam Duvall hit on the arm.

Andrew Clark, bless his heart, doubles to center, scoring Arnold and Duvall. 8-9.

Ryan Wright singles to right center, scoring scoring Clark. 9-9.

Phil Wunderlich singles and Stewart Ijames walks, loading the bases for Wasserman.

Wasserman drives one over second base, scoring Wright. Game over. 10-9

*    *    *

Two UK fans sitting in the aisle next to the Observer were delighted with UK’s five-run ninth inning, laughing at some of the early departing fans. “Look at those U of L fans leaving. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

A gruff voice to his right says, “We’re not going anywhere.”

Those two guys disappeared without a trace after U of L tied it up 9-9 in the bottom of the inning, gone for the night.


*     *     *

Great crowd on beautiful night, 4,039.

*    *    *

Rick Pitino throws the ceremonial first pitch, high and wide.

*    *    *

Righthander Tyler Mathis wasn’t called this game, but he had a happy birthday, believe me.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “U of L Rallies In Ninth, Downs Kentucky 10-9”
  1. Yes, that was a great game tonight! We had the same situation after UK tied it up in the 9th a few of their obnoxious fans decided they would turn up the volume a bit with their comments…they too disappeared into the night…hopefully never to be heard from again! GO CARDS!!!!!

  2. Let’s just say that uk comment was right. They got obnoxious in the middle of the ninth. But we dished it right back out in the bottom of the 9th! Awesome game and video. GO CARDS!!!!! Am I the only one who thinks this or should they play the UofL UofK game @ Slugger Field???

    1. Also would have to factor in what percentage of the revenue would go to the University plus how many extra fans would potentially show up. Promoting Cardinal baseball once a season at Slugger Field could possibly generate more revenue for the other home games over time but in terms of the UK/UL game itself, the University may lose money by playing in the bigger stadium.

      1. My guess the home field advantage would be Dan McDonnell’s first consideration. He has a whole spiel about the baseball playing venues being much more challenging than any other sport.

  3. So we probably generated about $20000 through tickets last night. Say there are 7000 at slugger field I am sure that we hit the $50000 mark because you could charge more for better seats.

    1. Right. But they would have to rent Slugger Field. Don’t think it would be worth it.

  4. We had a UK fan experience at the game last night as well…amazing how someone can turn from gladness to sadness so quickly, isn’t it? Fortunately, all parties involved shook hands and agreed it was one of the most amazing ninth innings we could ever recall seeing.

    Move the game from “the Pat” to Slugger Field? Not in favor of it. Gotta be on the home turf against the rival. It would be like moving the UK vs. UofL basketball game to an outdoor court at PJCS or Commonwealth. Sure, you’re gonna seat more but dollars take a back seat to home field advantage in this case.

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