The bad fortunes of athletic teams can divide more than the fan base.

Lachlan McLean, the WHAS Radio sports talkshow host who earns a paycheck by irritating his listeners, appears to have ticked off a fellow broadcaster — Drew Deener, the play-by-play announcer of University of Louisville games on WHAS 11.

In a recent posting on his blog, McLean created an elaborate chart purporting to show that Kyle Kuric had not improved during four seasons with the U of L basketball team. What McLean is attempting to really prove with his “productivity by minute” chart is unclear, but the numbers indicate that Kuric has been conisistently effective.

What’s even more certain is that McLean’s approach is a backhanded shot at Rick Pitino’s ability to develop his players.

Deener, also the host of The Early Birds on WKRD, takes McLean to task on his WKRD blog, applying McLean’s analytical technique to the career of Michael Jordan, which indicate that Jordan’s stats were also consistent over 14 seasons in the NBA.

Deener concludes:

“Clearly with Lachlan’s show getting pre-empted almost every night, he’s got a lot of time on his hands.  So much so, that he’s come up with the worst fu$&@$$# theory of all time …

“Sounds ridiculous…not to Lachlan McLean…because, as he told us, the only true way to measure a player is productivity per minute.  We know Kyle was on pace to become a 100 percent free throw shooter his Freshman year (2 for 2…colored in red on Lachlan’s freaking pie chart or whatever the hell that is), until Pitino clearly messed that up.

“Bite me Lachlan, now I know why everyone hates you.”

That should make McLean’s day, having added a fellow broadcaster to his list of haters.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “U of L basketball pits Deener vs. McLean”
  1. I quit listening to WHAS Sports Talk a long time ago because McLean counts heavily on negative talk to keep the show ratings up. He’s the same way in person, someone you don’t want to be around.

  2. You’re not missing much, Brent. It’s pretty telling when even Deener (who is no UL fan) is calling out Lachlan McLean.

    Lachlan is proof that one need not be knowledgeable of a subject in order to spend two hours a night talking about it on the radio. The primary reason that I avoid his show isn’t that he’s a loudmouth who says crazy things to get people to call into his show in order to justify his paycheck to his superiors. It’s because he is quite possibly the least knowledgeable sports talk show host I have ever heard. Especially when you consider that he hosts an evening show on the most powerful AM station in the area.

    Never thought that I’d say this but bravo, Drew Deener. You get a free drink on me the next time I see you out and about.

  3. Deener was still going on about it on his morning talk show The Early Birds on WKRD 790 on Monday morning. Calling it “War of the Nerds.”

    Deener could outbroadcast Lachlan with no vocal cords, lips or mouth. Charlie, we need to put you on WHAS radio two hours a night to replace “Bleeccchhh” er…Lach.

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