The observer’s 11-year-old grandson, already a confirmed Card fan, asked to weigh in on the coaching controversy after thinking about it for a couple of days. Edited only for spelling, his comments are pretty insightful. Here they are:

By Koby Springer
Guest Poster

“To be or not to be.” In the words of William Shakespeare. Many people are saying the same thing about Coach Steve Kragthorpe. I am saying the same thing. Kragthorpe could not have let the fans down any more than they already are. Well, yes he could. Friday’s loss to the Bearcats has added his 11th loss to his career as a Louisville Cardinal. The way I see it he could win the next two games and be better than last year or win one, lose one and be the same as last year and the other possibility is well, just plain ridiculous. He has been given too many chances and I say get him outta there. We were once feared by every team in the country, and now we’re not on the map.

Koby Springer
Koby Springer

I believe that the only reason to our success is because of Jeff Brohm’s play calling. And of course Hunter Cantwell. The game on Friday looked like we were going to win but as the game progressed the players and the ball got wetter. I saw a play were Cantwell threw the ball right at Doug Beaumont and he let it slip right out of his hands. The stadium was supposed to have an expansion, and now I don’t think that they will have enough attendance to pay for it. So I end on this note: Steve Kragthorpe, to be or not to be?

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By Koby

Koby Springer is 11 years old and a fifth grader at Calloway Middle School in Murray.

3 thoughts on “To Be Or Not To Be”
  1. Very nice post, Koby…and you bring up somevery good and relevant topics concerning the angst that is currently going thru the Cardinal football nation.

    I remember years ago hearing a quote about performance..a simple, ten word quote consisting of words having two letters each:

    “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

    Although the phrase is probably suited better for one person sports, like golf or tennis…it does carry a certain amount of relativity for the football team and it’s staff. Kragthorpe and Jurich are both claiming responsibility here (the “to me”
    part) about the current state of UofL football. I think it goes a lot deeper than that, though. I haven’t seen Jurich, Kragthorpe or English make a tackle, complete a pass or run for a first down since they’ve been here. Perhaps its time for each player on the team to adapt this phrase and put it into the team concept. Maybe something like…

    “If it is to be, it is up to we”

    Each player, giving his all, in the team concept. Victor Anderson won’t win games by himself, no matter how well he runs the ball. Eleven men, working as it all to the “we”. The example to use is Angel McCoughtry. Well capable of scoring 50 points a game with her ‘out of this world’ skills and talents. Choosing to play with in the framework of the team, to create a team effort and win. If our football Cards can and will do this over the final two games, I’ll be satisfied with the results, no matter the outcome. As an auto mechanic friends of mine is so fond of saying…
    “Sonja, you’ve got four steering wheel and a transmission. They may be in the best condition possible, but if they aren’t all working in sync when you turn that key…you’re not going anywhere.”

    It’s time for the Cards to reinforce the idea of hitting the road as one car, not a bunch of individual parts in their final two trips of the season. If they can do it well, these two trips have the potential to turn out as a safe and successful ones.

  2. Koby, sorry for the disappointing season but there will be some good years ahead. Life always has ups and downs, some people call them biorhythms. I think the stadium expansion is paid for because customers have to buy football tickets to get tickets in the new basketball arena.

  3. Great post Koby and I can tell you care about U of L Football very much. Your writing skill is evident- you are a chip off the block of your Grandfather…..let’s give Koach just a little more time (say, one more season?)to make it work – after that, I say get him outta here too. Go CARDS! U of L will rise from these ashes….you’ll see.

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