The advertising ribbons are up on both the east and west sides of the expanded Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. They were flashing in all their technological glory during Media Day on Tuesday, with the Cardinal logo scrolling continuously. The ribbons will also enable the operator to send messages to the crowd (“Get Loud”) during critical points in games, as well as plugging commercial products. Limited only by the creativity of the operator, the innovation will be a lively addition to the atmosphere surrounding University of Louisville football games.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

11 thoughts on “The ribbon is running”
  1. Charlie, With the arrival of the ribbons, is there any chance of getting rid of the little-league-outfield-fence-like advertising signs on the fronts of the lower stands (just above field level)? I see no such signs in any other collegiate field. They lack all tact! Compare (sorry, but I must) them to the sharp looking fabric covering used in the same space at Commonwealth Stadium.

    Just as the unfinished seating in the new deck bugs you, these signs just drive me crazy!

    1. I doubt there’s much chance of not seeing those signs in the foreseeable future. I believe the original signs included the major contributors to the stadium, like Brown & Williamson. But when B&W went away, the company’s sign was replaced by someone else. As long as they’re bringing in bucks, we’re probably stuck with this imagery.

  2. I’m in support of the advertising if it means we are expanding a stadium and building a downtown bball arena in the same year.

    1. So, GG, you would be OK with all the walls in the restrooms, the backs of all the seats, etc., etc. having advertising if we keep on expanding our venues? I doubt you are, I’m just carrying your argument to the point where you would probably draw the line and say “enough!” My pooint was reached when they put those signs up on the fronts of the side stands. Given the megabucks that must be coming in from all the other sources, you can’t convince me we need these cheap-looking little league posters. Again, to reinforce my point of their lack of tact, name me one other Div. I school that has stooped to this level of tacky advertising!

      1. You are correct… I haven’t reached that “enough” line. The signs aren’t that distracting to me… I couldn’t really tell you with 100% what any of them are (but have good guesses). During the game, I really don’t notice them except during the breaks… most of them are blocked out by players on the sidelines, and I’m watching the game on the field or coaches/players instead of those “posters” on the bottom of the stands.

        Restrooms? Who cares… I’m looking for the open urinal and don’t spend more than 5 minutes in there if I don’t have to. Now the backs on all the seats would be WAY overboard for me… I don’t think Jurich would let it get that bad.

        I don’t see what’s any different from those current signs to the advertising that was in Freedom Hall. It’s like my wife’s voice when I first get home from work… I’m so used to it that I have just learned to zone them out. 🙂

          1. Haha… I’d let her read it and she’d agree. 🙂 I love my wife whole-heartedly… we know each other too well.

  3. Count me in the camp of those who find this “ribbon” annoying and very distracting. Developed my distaste for it during the Orange Bowl game. Cannot imagine the effect on the players. Sure hope they are focusing only on the plays on the field and not looking up into the stands. Of course, they may be looking up for the tv cameras, LOL.

    Go Cards!

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