Contrary to popular opinion, the observer does have other demands on him besides Card Game. These include real world work concerns that sometimes require his attention for extended periods of time.

But whatever’s happening at the University of Louisville, particularly in athletics, remains a consideration. A few thoughts in passing:

  • Louisville football in a national championship game. Some pundits are going out of their way to persuade fans that Louisville doesn’t have a shot because of a “weak” schedule. UofL’s participation has always been a long shot. The sniping about the schedule should be reserved for teams like Texas A&M and Alabama which refused to play the Cardinals.
  • Likewise for Teddy Bridgewater’s chances of winning the Heisman Trophy Award. Teddy didn’t want money wasted on a campaign. He has higher priorities. Spare us the tirades, they only expose your shallowness.
  • Third straight sellout in football: Maybe, hopefully, UofL fans have arrived to the point where it doesn’t matter who the opponent is at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Many more of them, joining the die hards, just wanting to be there.
  • Kevin Ware dunking again: Good to know, indicating that he’s making strides with the rehabilitation. Curious that Rick Pitino believes he may not be quite ready when basketball practices begins in earnest. (A call to Pitino’s executive assistant revealed she didn’t know the start date, just that it will begin in October.) As with everything else involving injuries on the UofL basketball, rehab timing is subject to rapid changes.
  • UofL volleyball off to a weak start: Ann Kordes’ team is off to a wobbly 2-5 start, missing four of the top players from last season. What’s hurting most immediately is that the recruiting pipeline to Eastern Europe was shut off when former women’s AD Julie Hermann sent Leonid Yelin packing three years ago.
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. Hey, ESPN, this just in: in football, every team has a week schedule, unless it is 9 or 10 or 5 days, because of your scheduling. And sometimes it’s 2 weeks. So what? Go Cards!

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