Such animosity on the message boards these days, one post after another calling for Kragthorpe’s scalp. Some fans want it today, can’t wait another game. A few even want a piece of Tom Jurich. The same ones wanted Pitino’s hide before the basketball team started winning last season.

Message boards are a blessing and a curse. They give fans a chance to discuss the latest developments and rumors with fellow fans as well as outlets for venting their frustration. This is a godsend in a town where the media has been historically lazy in covering local teams or devoting an inordinate amount of space to a rival school.

Unfortunately, the amount of redundancy and drivel on them often makes it difficult to find anything meaningful. You also have to sort through all the untruths and rumors, many times by rival fans. Inside the Ville makes it possible to ignore some posters but the sheer number of them is a challenge at ITV and Rivals.

Administrators and coaches must be careful about who they share information with, fearing that any comment will wind up on a message board. Sources are drying up because inside information is difficult to obtain on the boards these days.

Still, the message boards provide a useful exchange of views. There are plenty of people who are able to keep things in perspective. And there are a few who are actually knowledgeable about football and basketball. I will continue to frequent the message boards as long as those guys are around.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

One thought on “The Message Board Experts”
  1. Could it be that Coach K has been burned in the past by issuing a statement or a comment that was miscontrued? Is this a possible explanation as to why his media statements are little more than repetition and cliches? Anybody know of any history here?

    And why do sports reporters let him get away with that? Surely they are not all in awe of him. Not any longer. Not after Petrino’s antics either.

    Dig in, reporters, and ask that next question and don’t be satisfied with an evasive reply. And if he refuses to answer reasonable questions, report that.

    After all, the athletics administration presses us to support the team. We will. We have. But we also deserve some answers as to why this season is half over and not looking too rosy for the last six matches. The reasons shouldn’t have to be looked for on message boards.

    We have been reassured that Kragthorpe has been around all this all his life. What is he afraid of?

    Until Coach K. learns how to address his public, message board posters will eat him alive. That is, until the team salvages the season, which I feel they will.

    We don’t need oratory. We don’t need excuses. But a few well-stated explanations, of substance, would be helpful. Until then, I am afraid our fandom will backslide into tailgating first, football second.

    We have made great progress in attendance. The amount of merchandise in the stores is exciting. The numbers of cars with red flags and U of L license plates is reassuring. Let’s have more opportunities to show our pride, not solemnly shake our heads at other Cards fans in our mutual disappointment.

    Message board posters, recall the euphoria of being in Miami South, last January? Reserve your negativism for the opponents. And Coach K., talk to us.

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