Must be something about the atmosphere around the tryouts.

Terrence Jennings, like Samardo Samuels before him, has hired an agent, going to give it a go in the NBA, regardless of how anyone else feels about his chances of making it. Done hired an agent. No turning back now.

Probably got caught up in the hoopla, the agents lining up to sign him, the players around him all gung ho to go. The fraternalization of it all, the survivor instinct. not wanting to be the guy left out of the mix. Things that work against you if you don’t have the game.

The tendency for University of Louisville basketball fans is to want to believe that Jennings would be so much better with another year of coaching. That he would take advantage of his size and defensive skills, combining with becoming a better shooter and a half decent rebounder.

Whether that would actually happen with T. J. is highly debatable, judging from his lack of progress over the past three seasons. Probably not much.

Jennings did have some moments, some good ones, including some memorable blocked shots and surprising free throws in huge games. And we appreciate the effort in the games, if not during the practice sessions.

We wish you well, T.J., and hope all your dreams come true.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Terrence Jennings decides he’s ready”
  1. Terrence,

    I have enjoyed watching you play. Thanks for being a Cardinal. However, gets your degree! Good luck and God Bless.


  2. Jennings was a fascinating player to try to figure out. Very unpredictable. Anything he did was a surprise, whether it was good or bad. He couldn’t hit easy shots, but he would make terrible shots. You wouldn’t expect him to hit free throws but he would. His blocking ability was always impressive but even that was surprising, given his shortcomings in so many areas. He will be missed for all the unintended suspense he brought to the game.

  3. Another year would not have made a difference. He would be the same player at the end of next year as he is right now. Lots of options available outside of the NBA. He will make a living playing basketball somewhere.

  4. You can’t teach height…and TJ has that. A work in process for some NBA team, most def…but the raw skills are there. Let’s consider him a canvas that needs some paint on it.

    Good luck, T.J. Here’s hoping the skills eventually match the potential.

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