Much at stake Card fans.

Saturday will be a long day whether Louisville wins, splits or loses two games against North Carolina. Carolina fans have all but marked both games down in the win columns. Can’t blame them because the University of Louisville has had to make up ground in recent years, getting the men’s and women’s teams competitive.ul_cardinal_head_logo2.jpg

The challenges are immense but Tom Jurich hires people like Rick Pitino and Jeff Walz because they relish such opportunities. Take on the best, means more, even more satisfying, if you beat them in front of their fans.

Men must defeat the nation’s No. 1 team, a team with a 32-2 record to make the Final Four. A real shot at a third national championship beckons for the first time in two decades. The surprising trip in 2005 was a major achievement, but nobody gave U of L any chance.

However, the Cards are a serious contender this time around; they’re close, they can almost taste it.

Got to get past North Carolina first.

Women must get past a No. 3-ranked team with a 30-2 record to make the Elite Eight. Would be the first time ever to get that far. This is all new to them. Perennial powers UConn and Rutgers can attest to their toughness, however.

It would be too easy to say they’re a year away. That would be a mistake, next year is a mirage, not yet real. The next level is staring the women in the face.

Got to get past North Carolina.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Tar Heels All Day Long”
  1. Yeah, one game, winner take all.

    Beat their %^&#@ ACC asses in their own backyard.

    And then sing my Old Kentucky home!

    Let’s do this!

    (BTW, Charlie, if I get the energy and recover from my headache sufficiently, I’ll post about Poz and Perk’s Most Excellent Adventure — our day yesterday wandering the mad Davidson campus, repartee with Tenn and Carolina fans, and the exchanges with Wade Houston and La Bradford Smith last night at the big donor Appreciation dinner last night.
    Don’t look for it before, oh, say 2p- ha!)


    Go Cards!

  2. Instead of “My Old Kentucky Home,” how about “Look What We Can Do, Louisville”?

  3. AMEN Charlie……I am a native Louisvillian and hate it when My Old Kaintucke Home is played after our games. Loved your comment.

  4. Yes, I’m a native too–of Louisville AND KY. My family for over 100 yrs.

    And, I’m not singing it for UK.

    So, learn the words and sing it proudly.

  5. My Old Kentucky Home — that’s for the Derby, not basketball, but it’s still a thrilling anthem!

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