It happened later rather than sooner … at least for Memphis. As for that much ballyhooed honeymoon in the Bluegrass, well, a wakeup call was way overdue.

The NCAA is reportedly setting up camp in Memphis to investigate allegations charging the University of Memphis with major recruiting violations during the 2007-08 basketball season under a former coach, according to reports from the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.

The investigation focuses on an incident of “knowing fraudulence or misconduct” by a player on an SAT exam by a player.  While no names have been mentioned, the report indicates that the player competed that one season, which would appear to point to Derrick Rose, who would become the NBA’s No. 1 draft pick last June.

If proven to be true, the Tigers could be forced to forfeit their NCAA-record 38 victories and Final Four appearance.

The report does not include allegations of lack of institutional control, meaning Memphis would likely avoid serious penalties that would have an impact on the program going forward. The report includes no allegations that would have occurred during the tenure of Josh Pastner, either as an assistant or head coach.

Memphis, which received the notice of allegations Jan. 16, is scheduled to appear before the NCAA Committee on Infractions June 6.

The presence of former Memphis coach John Calipari at the hearing has been requested by the NCAA, which is also investigating reports that Memphis provided $2,260 in free travel to road games for an associate of a player. The NCAA is charging Memphis with a failure to monitor in that instance. Those names also were redacted in the report due to privacy laws.

The “associate” of a player? Probably just someone with a lot of interest in seeing Calipari succeed.

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Geoff Calkins, a Memphis columnist, points out that Calipari is one of a handful of coaches to take two different schools to the final four. In the next sentence, he says the same coach may become the only one to have both of those appearances vacated from the NCAA record books.

Calipari must be one unlucky guy, plagued by happenstance and circumstance. One has to wonder what he has done to deserve these misfortunes.

Calipari is not personally implicated in any of the allegations. Of course he’s not.

He wasn’t implicated in the UMass fiasco, either.

He just happened to be in charge when the bad stuff happened at UMass. He just happened to be in charge when the bad stuff may have happened at Memphis. The man is to NCAA investigations as Joey Dorsey was to bar fights. He’s just unlucky, darn it!

At least the NCAA requested that Calipari appear at the hearing. Wonder if he’ll be tweeting about that to the Kentucky fans?

Such an upstanding man, too. University of Kentucky fans can continue to rest easy, knowing their new coach would never be involved in wrong doing. Never.

*    *    *

While writing this post, someone from Paintsville, Ky., arrived on Card Game doing a Google search for “Rick Pitino recruiting violations.” Careful what you wish for, Paintsville.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

9 thoughts on “Surprise! NCAA Knocking On Memphis Door”
  1. Calipari would never revert to such practices, would he? Not if you believe all those fans wearing blue. This is just the tip of iceberg and it’s all going to coming crashing down on them.

  2. You would think you U of L fans would have enough to keep you busy with Pitino and the Karen Spyher scandal.

    If something needs to written about its that. No one will tell her side in order to protect the bum you hired after running Denny Crum out on a rail.

    Now think. Who’s really guilty here.

    Enjoy we will.

    Little Brother

    1. Arno,

      You are a fool, and your coach was,has, and will always be crooked. Can’t wait until UK gets the hammer from the NCAA for some stupid kid that Cal recruits. Bet then you wont stand up for the guy. Even money says Wall will be the one to bring down the Cal / UK house.

  3. Wow. I have never seen someone so blantantly, so obviously try to change a subject before. Kudos to Arno. Little brother? That sounds so much better than “Crooked Big Brother”!!!

  4. Here’s my understanding from several reporters in the CHicago area.

    This is bigger than Memphis and Rose.

    There are 4 players involved from ROse’s High School. Rose and 3 others.

    3 are alleged to be involved in an SAT testing scam.

    4 players are involved in a transcript fraud scam.

    I understand that Rose and 2 other players went to play Div I basketball!!!

  5. Nothing is going to come of this Memphis stuff and Cal will not get in trouble. And yes we UK fans know about the DEATH PENALTY the NCAA promised UK if ever in violation again. Soooo don’t think the UK AD didn’t tell Cal of that [no] and just think. Maybe he will retire from UK and actually not have broken any rules! OMG is that a possibility? [no]

  6. LMAO…That was good. Spelling UK out of sUcK. Want a cookie for that? It must have taken most of the evening to think of that..lmfao You dumbass!! Hmmm.. The only sucking going on around KY is in LOUISVILLE.. Reports are that Pricktino and Timmy boy may be musicians.. Hear they both play the FLUTE!.. LMFAO…LMFAO. Want to talk about UK? Theres plenty of shit to talk about in Louisville. Just a matter of time before you change your colors to PINK and BLACK!! Change that logo to a Pink Flamingo. LMFAO Say what you want about UK. But you Tards are a fucking joke!! GO CATS!!

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