Today’s game against Pittsburgh just got a boost in the importance department.  With West Virginia losing to UConn Friday, the Big East Conference just found itself wide open, especially since Syracuse is sitting on top.

Who would have thought a year ago today, that the University of Louisville football team could be sitting in a pretty position to be a top the conference standings (with the Orange nonetheless)?  Of course, one game at a time, don’t look ahead, we gotta get by Pittsburgh first, blah, blah, blah.

Forget that!  From where Louisville has been the past three years, it is fun, and almost deserving, to look ahead.  A win tomorrow puts Louisville in control of its own destiny.

Go Cards, go everybody in the Big East but Syracuse and Pitt now.

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By Steve Springer

Steve Springer is a lifelong University of Louisville fan and was Volvo's "Biggest Fan of the Big East" in 2011. He's a sportswriter for the Murray Ledger & Times, in addition to teaching physical education. He graduated from Eastern High School, earned a Master's degree from the University of Louisville and his BS degree at Murray State University. His Twitter handle is @racercard.

3 thoughts on “Stakes just got bigger for Louisville football”
  1. Go everybody but Syracuse, Pitt, and Cincinnati.

    We need the Bearcats to lose before we control our own destiny. If we tie with one loss apiece, they have the tiebreaker by virtue of the heads-up win.

    1. It was late last night when I posted this. You’re right, Cincy does have the win over us, but because I was a little droopy-eyed, I left out the part where I don’t think Ciny can run the table in this league. They will trip up somewhere.

  2. Who would ever thought we would be in the position we’re in today, after three long years of not being very good, football is getting very exciting again.I still believe we are a year or two away from being back where we want to be, but a win today at pitt will get us moving into that direction. GO CARDS.

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