Brutal stuff.

Three runs in the first inning, nine in the second, and six in the third.

The UCLA softball team having a field day against the University of Louisville Saturday in the runners-up bracket of the NCAA tournament. The final score was UCLA 19-2. Could have been much worse, mercifully the game being shut down after five innings. Embarrassing for the host team, still another early out in NCAA action.Sandy-Pearsall1

Indications of discomfort from the fan base, some individuals wondering out loud about Coach Sandy Pearsall’s ability to take the program to the next level. Coming on a day when the Cards had lost earlier to Alabama-Birmingham 7-4 and eliminated from the tournament.

A couple of UofL donors who were there say they were frustrated and humiliated, asking if it may be time for a change. A bad day all around for people close to the team, anticipating much more. There was similar debate on at least two fan message boards.

A good indication of the growing level of interest in the program but somewhat unfair, considering what Pearsall has accomplished.

She has set high expectations, compiling a 553-274 won-lost record since building the program from ground up, starting in 1999. She has guided UofL into NCAA play 10 consecutive seasons. This year’s team had a 47-13 record, following on the heels of the best-ever 55-5 season last year.

No one is hurting more than Pearsall herself, who will find plenty of motivation in the program’s most recent shortcoming.

Expectations are fine but keep them in check.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “Some UofL softball fans asking questions”
  1. I think the decision is still Jurich’s to make. However, I too question her ability to take the team to next level. But, we do not know whether she is doing great things with the program or if she has finally hit the wall.

  2. She has gone 102-18 in two years and people want heads to roll. Tough crowd.

  3. Are these disgruntled “fans” the same ones who were calling for Pitino’s head just a short while back? Go Cards!

  4. She has to go. 10 straight tourneys which is not hard to get to from our conference, and 0 super regionals to show. The home fans are once again disappointed on the big stage.

  5. Can Sandy? You must be kidding. Harry, if 10 straight NCAA appearances aren’t hard to achieve from our conference, tell me how many other Big East schools have done that? Don’t rack your brain — only one (Notre Dame).

    The Cards were eliminated by a team with 11 national championships — not exactly being upended by a doormat. The people howling for the coach’s head need to gain a little perspective.

    1. You must not go to the tournament games. No confidence and performance worth a super regional. We have been far too good the last 2 seasons to lose at home in the regionals

      1. I might — repeat, MIGHT — buy that argument if U of L had been the only host team not to win its regional the last two years. This is no time to pull the plug on the coaching staff.

  6. I think that 102-18 in two years says it all. Even considering a change is a slap in the face to the coaching staff. GO CARDS!!

  7. Canning Pearsall would be the most outrageous and stupid move in the history of UofL coaching decisions. Not her fault that one of her pitchers couldn’t play this season, or ever again (Leonard), another (LeCoq) had a swollen pitching hand that made gripping a softball very difficult and another (Connell) has had control and confidence problems over the last three weeks of the season, due in part to a sore arm. The only thing I question is why they didn’t go to freshman Jasmine Smithson-Willett in the circle earlier. It couldn’t have got any worse, and she did hold UCLA to two runs in the final inning. Sadly, the rumors are out and probably true that JSW is seeking a release from her scholarship…I really don’t blame her. So talented and quick and used primarily as a pinch-runner and part-time left-fielder when Jen Esteban got injured.

    Pearsall started this program and replacing her would be like sending Mickey Mantle to the bench and having a third grader bat.


  8. I can tell you that I know this program very well and I can say with confidence that Coach P will not take this program to the next level. This is a coach who has all the resources in the world and plays in one of the weakest conferences in the nation but year after year fails to advance to the super regionals. Throw regular season records out the window……….I can assure you it is time to make a change!

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