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Many of our good friends in Lexington are putting on their public defender hats, and we’re betting that John Calipari knows nothing. Involves that nice young man Eric Bledsoe and the path he took to get to the University of Kentucky basketball program.

The New York Times has the story, and away we go.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “Kentucky Player Attracts NCAA Attention”
  1. I have no doubt that Coach Cal is the most innocent man in college basketbalL. I also believe in the Eastern Bunny, Santa Claus, Harvey the Rabbit and that the Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl this year…

  2. How come players are cleared by the NCAA but when there might be something wrong that happened in high school the college is at fault? What did coach Cal do? Do you all know? You seem to think you know our coach. He has nothing on his record, the schools do (UMASS, Memphis). Go to hell!!!

    1. Experts correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is how the NCAA works:

      The NCAA does a basic check to ensure that all athletes have the appropriate test scores and transcripts that meet the guidelines for admission. If something is obviously falsified, they may take a closer look. However, the NCAA places the BURDEN OF PROOF ON THE UNIVERSITY to properly vet the athletes they choose to award scholarships to. The NCAA reserves the right to go back and reevaluate an athlete if new information is brought to light at a later date. As a member of the NCAA, UK agreed to these rules.

      Now, can you honestly say that there is nothing fishy about a 1.7 gpa student suddenly raising his gpa to a 2.5 in one school year? Should your administration really assume that this kid aced several classes after nearly failing for three straight years? You are probably right that Cal didn’t know about it, because he chose not to. It’s called selective ignorance. That is why it is the school that gets slammed while he sneaks off to his next big pay day. By the way, I love how you conveniently left out how Cal skipped town just as the allegations were beginning to fall on his previous schools. You’ll be singing a different tune when your school is left to pick up the tab for his corrupt practices.

      You are right that Cal has nothing on his record though. No final fours, lol.

  3. Kentucky made a deal with the devil, but they make so much $$$ for the NCAA they will probably get off easy, if anything happens at all. Where’s Forde when you need him?

    1. If they are found guilty of using an ineligible player they will have to give back their NCAA money. Ask Memphis.

  4. I am willing to bet there has never been a coach who has had all of his wins vacated at two different schools in consecutive years. If it happens how can Cal remain employed?

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