Rick Pitino’s expression never changed from the opening tip until the game-ending horn.

Those hollowed out sockets containing the buggy eyes, the wide brow topping a pale face with gaunt cheeks. The look of a man who has something on his mind other than the current game. A man intent of staying ahead of the game, the next game, or the games after that, not catching him unawares. Almost scary, the look.

That look will not change between now and Friday. Probably not until the season is over.

No more patsies. Serious business the rest of the way. For him. For University of Louisville basketball.

His team racking up 58 points while forcing 20 turnovers in the first half en route to a 104-74 win over Morgan State. Preston Knowles, Kyle Kuric and Terrence Jennings with career games of 31, 25 and 15 points, respectively.

The coach, making himself applaud his team’s effort at the end, obviously still concerned about the team’s rebounding, interior passing, and defense, knowing that many monumental challenges lie ahead, very soon, starting this week against a team from Lexington.

A man focused on the future, having tasted the fruits of success in his profession, but also familiar with the pain of disappointment. Having done everything possible to prepare his charges up to now, he will not allow one minute of preparation to be wasted between now and Friday.

His players know the look. They will be paying close attention.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

11 thoughts on “The look on Rick Pitino’s face”
  1. Louisville is in great shape. Ky. fans, the most obnoxious in the country, the low lifers who booed the coach that turned the most rotten, crooked, cheating sports program in the nation around will have to swallow their arrogant pride when The Cards 3 point their classless backsides back into the gutter from whence they came. Lord, please forgive me but it’s hard to hold back the truth. Dash

    1. Scarlett, I have also encountered rude fans from both sides but as a collective whole, to show absolutly no appreciation, no thankfulness, hence no class when Coach Pitino returned to UK’s floor, was the day I was ashamed to say I ever had any support for UK. I know it’s only a game but sometimes it’s more than a win or a loss. Your friend, Dash

  2. I’m not defending rudness, but if the circumstances were reversed it would have been the same result. UL and UK fans need to lighten up. It is only a game!

    1. Scarlett, I think you missed my point. I said “it’s more than a win or a loss”(more than a game). By saying UL fans would have done the same, you are basing your opinion on something that never happend. UK fans showed disrespect to Coach Pitino before the game even started. To say UL would have done the same doesn’t justify Kentucky fans actions. Your friend, Dash

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