Can University of Louisville fans manage seven more years of Rick Pitino? That depends, of course, on whether wins far outnumber losses.

Pitino has reportedly received a four-year extension on his current contract which is good for three more seasons. His annual salary will increase from $2.25 million to $2.5 million, effective July 1, according to the Courier-Journal. Then there are the incentive bonuses.


The U of L Athletic Association apparently wants Pitino around until he retires. The 57-year-old Pitino, in turn, says he wants to stay at Louisville as long as U of L wants him. Lots of mutual love to go around.

Continuity in the head coaching position is a good thing, even after a disappointing season in which Pitino’s patience was sorely tested. He is focused on winning basketball, and wants at least one more national championship.

No one would be surprised whether he succeeds or fails. However, there are some things fans have come to count on from Pitino:

  • Rocky early season beginnings, with shocking losses to less than stellar teams.
  • Surprising wins over highly ranked teams.
  • Rumors about every good job, college or pro, that becomes available.
  • A coach who says one thing, often does the opposite.
  • Occasional drama involving associates or acquaintances.
  • Puzzling substitution patterns.
  • Super recruits who never make it to campus.
  • More than a few athletes with low basketball I.Q.
  • Players who meet expectations in their third or fourth seasons.
  • More NCAA tournament appearances, some deep runs, others not.
  • Continued ire of University of Kentucky fans.
  • Still another book, “Achieving Success In Your Golden Years.”
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Rick Pitino Could Be Around 7 More Seasons”
  1. Rick Pitino’s name speaks for itself, and yeah he has had few mistakes here and there but he is the reason louisville is on espn every game, and in big east. Rick has a lot to offer and he still got a lot left in him. He has to get better recruits, wgitch I think he is doing lately. He can recruit. He just got caught up with some problems but he will be back better then ever

    1. I think you are right John. I realize he is very talented but sometimes is exhausting with his unpredictable style. I wish he was more straight forward than saying one thing and doing another. He just could not figure out what to do with his players this year. He got a taste of his own unpredictability through them which proved to be frustrating.

  2. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not because he may have too many things going on besides basketball. If he get rid some of some the distractions — horse racing? — maybe he can get some things done. He clearly needs to get back to basics, avoiding AAU connections finding tough, hard-nosed players with brains and brawn. That’s what it takes to win these days.

  3. I must admit he is very entertaining. HE loves the spotlight and down deep I think the Big East at Louisville is for him. Here are my 3 topics to count on. (Maybe.)
    A June trial should provide drama.

    Hopefully, with motivation a better season ahead.

    Perhaps, his wife Joanne should write a book, titled-
    “How to put up with a spouse like mine!”

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