Greg Postel became Interim President of the University of Louisville in January 2017 (Cindy Rice Shelton photo).

Greg Postel, who has been on the University of Louisville payroll since 1994, says he cares a great deal about the school, suggesting that he has been very supportive of UofL.  His financial support, however, while notable, has been erratic, and interesting in one instance.

Postel’s record of giving to the University is relevant because he wants to be UofL’s next President, responsible for overseeing and growing the school endowment, now valued in the neighborhood of $770 million.   Postel would be the individual expected to inspire donors to invest in the University’s future. It would help if he had been generous himself.

An open records request to the University by UofLCardGame yielded the information that Postel has donated a total of $36,120 to UofL over the past 23 years. That’s for an employee currently drawing at least $950,000 annually, serving as Interim President of the school and Interim Executive Vice President for Health Affairs.

Postel’s most significant donation to the University was on December 1, 1998 when as Assistant Professor of Radiology  he made a lump sum gift of $35,000 to the UofL School of Medicine. Coincidentally, he was named permanent Chairman of the Radiology Department in April just five months later.

This largest gift coming during the administration of former UofL President John Shumaker who reportedly increased the school’s endowment from $183 million to $500 million from 1995 to 2001. No way of knowing 20 years later whether there was any relationship between the gift and the appointment. The timing is interesting.

Postel actually has made only three financial donations to the school, all of them to the School of Medicine. His second financial contribution was 14 years later. It was a gift of $1,000 to the school and the J. Graham Brown Cancer Center in connection with the old Mint Julep Ball before the 2012 Kentucky Derby.

His most recent gift to UofL came four years ago in October of 2014 when he pledged a modest $120, again to the School of Medicine. The money was deducted in amounts of $10 each via payroll deductions over the next 12 months. He has made no contributions to UofL athletics or other academic programs.

The initial gift of $35,000 was credited solely to Postel. The subsequent donations were in the name of Postel and his wife Sally L. Postel, a University of Kentucky graduate. A response to an open records request to UK indicated that the Postels have made no contributions to the Lexington school.

According to the response to our information request on Dec. 21st, Postel had not made any additional financial contributions to UofL since becoming Interim President in January 2017.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “Postel’s giving to UofL has been spotty through 23-year career”
  1. I always enjoy your writing and this web site, but, to make this something that would be relevant to me. I would need to know what Shumaker, Ramsey and maybe even Pinto gave during there careers here. I would also have to see what the Presidents of other universities give. I just think that gives you something to compare it to, and more facts. I hope the guy isn’t Louisville’s next President although, as time passes it seems it is what going to happen. Keep up the good job keeping us informed.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tim. I have received Jim Ramsey’s information and it is amazing how much he contributed to the school. Look for a upcoming post with details. There will be back lash, of course, from his critics but he was extremely generous. Coming soon.

  2. UofL needs to find A permanent President who Exhibits A Strong Academic Record With A Credible University, while Also Showing A Keen Interest In Its Athletic Programs. That Person Should Have A Proven record With Both Venues. This Action Should Be Taken Sooner Versus Later, Lest We Get Behind In Recruiting Athletes Who Can Contribute On The Field And In The Classroom.

    1. Thanks Hoyt, making some good points about needing balance in the office of the President. That doesn’t exist in the current situation with a President that didn’t even know when UofL won its first two NCAA championships. Gotta have a least a tiny bit of common sense, even for an Interim President don’t ya think?

  3. I am not certain how Postel could solicit any donations from any donors based on what he has done at Louisville. I have heard that he doesnt go to games because of the fear of backlash from fans. Who is he going to convince to donate to UofL?

  4. That’s really really weak if true. Even Kragface showed up to most of his obligations.

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