This is just too good to be buried in a link, the recent Dan Patrick interview with University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino on ESPN radio.

Patrick asks Pitino how he would go about getting a talented in-state player to choose Louisville over Kentucky. The hypothetical player is having a tough time choosing between the two schools. “I’m from Kentucky, and this is keeping me up at night, and I really don’t know what to do,” says Patrick.

Pitino says he doesn’t criticize other schools, and he doesn’t in the interview. Here’s his response to Patrick:

  • “First, we have an extremely diverse campus, with 23% minorities. When you go into business, you’re going to want a diverse type of situation.

  • “We’re in the Big East, which is the most difficult conference in terms of competition. Competition makes you better. You’re going to play in the Big East Tournament, which is played in Madison Square Garden, the mecca of college basketball – not on somebody’s home court.

  • “You’re going to play on national television 18 times.

  • “You’re going to play in a brand new arena on the river, a $350 million building, 90 luxury boxes, 22,000 seats.

  • “We just built a brand new training center for $15 million. We have the best facilities in all of college basketball

  • “You’re going to play in a fun style, pressing, running style of play where all your skills are going to be highlighted, with more possessions.

  • Certainly, you’re going improve and reach your potential because of all the time, work and energy you’re going to put into it.”

This observer, if given the opportunity, would have added that you don’t have an overly large segment of unreasonable and irrational fans who worship you when you’re winning but who will quickly demonize and quash you if you don’t make the Final Four.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Pitino: U of L vs. UK Pitch”
  1. Rick could also tell a recruit that he wouldn’t have a life of his own in Lexington other than basketball.

  2. I’ll toss Rick an assist here and post the unofficial top ten reasons that a recruit should choose UofL over UK:

    10) Not having to sit thru a 3 hour seminar about the importance of Bill Keightly on college basketball.
    9) Freedom from those unintelligleable interviews with Oscar Combs.
    8) No Darrell Bird lurking around the locker room quizzing you about your crossover or medium range jumper while you’re trying to shampoo your hair.
    7) Not having to share the training table with 12 yr. old potential UK recruits.
    6) No 3 AM phone calls from a soused Billy Gillespie needing a ride home.
    5) No glares from the student body if you decide to wear your red sweater to class.
    4) Looking out your dorm window and not seeing UK cheerleaders grazing on the lawn.
    3) No inane shouts from the fans imploring that “Little Richie” be put into the game.
    2) Freedom from having your stat line from the previous game discussed and analyzed by the counter girl at McDonalds.

    and the #1…

    Being on the team that wins the in-state rival game all 4 years that you’re on campus.

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