By Paul Sykes

Less than 36 hours away:

The long awaited start to the University of Louisville football season.

Although we may not learn too much about this year’s team against a less than stellar opponent, the crowd should have ample opportunities to cheer, practice the “wave,” and check out the revamped defense and quarterback Justin Burke.

I’ve previously made a prediction so I’ll turn it over to you the reader. Your guess on the final score can be entered in the comments section. Closest to the final outcome is good for a free tour of the Parrish House and one beverage of your choice there. I’ll pay up at our next home game. Of course, if I win…I’m buying myself one. I went with 45-17.

Sonja doesn’t like to predict scores, but the opportunity for her to have me “buy” was just too great an opportunity for her to pass on. So she’s going with 55-0 Cards. All guesses should be submitted by 7:30 p.m. Saturday. I’ll announce the winner Sunday.

Good luck and in case of a tie, the winners will have to split the drink (just kidding).

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By Paul Sykes

Paul Sykes owns Paul Sykes Advertising and does contract work for other advertising and publishing firms. The proud husband of Sonja, he has a fascination with bears, bars and Cardinal sports. He's also the moderator of

16 thoughts on “Pick The Score, Win A Free One”
  1. Of all the guesses only one was lower than the final margin and only one other was even close. So either we have a lot of overly optimistic fans or it’s going to be another long season.

    But there is good news in the kicking game. We made 3 FG’s which is 60% of all of last season. Of course the bad news is we had to try 4 FG’s against the worst D-1A college team in the country.

  2. I’ll take UofL 56, ISU 3. I just can’t see the Cards kicking any FG’s in this one even though they need the practice. Also Paul as i’ve said before but will say again with stronger conviction, If UofL gives up 17 points to this group of rag tag college students known as the ISU Football team, Kragthorpe should be fired on the spot. If at anytime UofL is down to ISU (which means they would have to score first) Kragthorpe shouldn’t be allowed to walk off the field with his job. Just Sayin.

  3. You can just bring a few to the UK game for me, old buddy…when I win with this prediction:

    Cards 66
    ISU 7

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