Two games into the 2015 college football season and the University of Louisville is winless. That’s going to change very soon or things could get crazy around here.

The last time UofL lost its first two games was in 1994 during Howard Schnellenberger’s 10th and final season in Louisville. No, not even Steve Kragthorpe stumbled out of the gate like this, believe it or not.

Kyle Bolin
Kyle Bolin

Too soon to know whether it’s the beginning of a trend. The two losses could just be coincidental and everything will turn out okay.  The time to panic will be if and when certain people around the program start talking about “righting the ship” and “doing things the right way,” or words to that effect.

Unless we have been completely delusional about Coach Bobby Petrino’s coaching abilities, that’s not going to happen. Petrino has no tolerance for losing. He’s pretty close to be backed into a corner. Don’t expect Mr. Nice Guy Lately to countenance anything short of total commitment. Back to the basics, expecting, demanding results.

Expect Petrino also has to settle this week on the quarterback he believes has the best chance of growing in his offense. The experimenting, the free lancing probably a thing of the past for now. He has to go with someone who understands his offensive philosophy and has the inherent skills and confidence to make it work. Right now that is probably Kyle Bolin, the redshirt sophomore.

We were thinking a week ago the answer was Lamar Jackson. He promptly went out and played like a typical freshman the next game, temporarily delaying what could turn out to be a brilliant career. Trying too hard, trying to do everything, losing his way against Houston.

Whoever the starting quarterback turns out to be, Petrino needs to stick with him through the good and bad times. Constantly changing quarterbacks suggests that he doesn’t have complete trust in any of them, and the other players recognize that, not knowing what to expect and needing confidence in their leadership.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

4 thoughts on “Petrino can’t keep changing quarterbacks”
  1. Because there seems to be no mathematics for luck most people consider symbolism of being of no consequence.

    However, I blame the spate of “bad luck” that has apparently jinxed ULs QBs, coaching staff and other offensive and defensive team members on Adidas and their choice of the Old English font for UL players names on their away jerseys.

    That font comes from a time in history that is fraught with all the bad vibes that history has thrown us. It was a time replete with religious and political intrigue and wars with all manner of killings in the name of religion. It was also the font of choice of Adolph Hitler. Bad vibes can be deadly and can recur again and again.

    The universe is full of vibes. We all have vibes. It’s a form of energy that is neither created nor destroyed. The OE font conveys those same bad vibes passing them along to the individual UL players. The consequence is manifest in an 0-2 start.

    UL needs to jettison Adidas and its OE font and get Nike instead with a more legible and positive image font.

    1. Love your response, David. Fortunately or unfortunately, UofL is locked into Adidas for several more years. Adidas could always change the font, of course, but I think a lot of UofL fans are happy with it in their current wardrobes.

  2. I hate this years Adidas football uniforms. I would much rather see Under Armor or Nike on our players.

  3. Don’t like the too-tiny-to-read names on the backs of the jerseys. Too many new names to get used to as it is! Go Cards.

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