While University of Louisville football fans are patiently awaiting word on when expansion of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium will begin and exactly how many more seats will be added (ideally to more than 60,000 seats), here are the bare bones facts on PJCS:

Stadium cost $63 million
Estimated cars that pass by stadium on I-65 daily 98,000
Square feet 91,000
Chair back seats 42,000
On-site parking spaces 7,000
Women’s toilets 318
Men’s urinals and toilets 236
Seats in press box 92
Luxury suites 23
Payphones on the concourse 9
First-Aid Booths
Information & Security Booths
Assisted Restrooms
Pepsi Vision replay video screen 1
Top Crowd 43,217 vs. WVU, 2006
Won-Lost Record 50-11
Stadium Manager K. C. Scull
Source: U of L Athletics

One would hope that the numbers are out of date in the very near future. Announce the date to begin construction. Get it started.

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WVU Reveling – In case you missed it, West Virginia was knocked out of its No. 1 party school reputation this year in the annual rankings compiled by the Princeton Review (I would provide a link but registration takes forever). The Mountaineers are fourth, behind Florida, Ole Miss and Penn State. The rankings are challenged by the blogger at We Must Ignite This Couch:

Although WVU was passed by clearly inferior party schools (Penn State? Those Quakers can’t drink!), it remains in the top 5 for yet another year. Although it’s not mentioned in the review whether or not Florida’s unfair advantage of multiple national championships in major revenue sports were taken into account on a curve basis, suffice it to say that the results of this survey were probably skewed by WVU’s party-quelling loss to Pitt in last year’s Backyard Brawl. (Should the Mountaineers have won the championship, there is question whether there’d be enough left standing in Morgantown to even allow the Review to muster a survey.)

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.