wielandUniversity of Louisville football fan John Wieland, like many of his fellow fans, tried hard to stay focused on the game. But it was a losing battle for Wieland, caught numerous times with his eyes closed as the ordeal crept toward the end. Quite possibly one of the most drawn out games in history, rationalized only by the remote possibility that coach Steve Kragthorpe may have been hiding things, hopefully a whole lot of things.

helmetPretty sad when one of the few highlights of a football game is a guy wearing a floppy football helmet but Mike Scott was determined to have fun, loading up on two beers at a time to get through the second half.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

7 thoughts on “One Long Game …<h4>Louisville 30, Indiana State 10</h4>”
  1. One Long Game is being kind… I too witnessed a few sleepers in the stands, or was I the one dreaming? This was an unbelievable start to a season. There was nothing in this game plan that has me beleiving we are going to win many games. Before we were halfway through the first quarter a friend text me asking if my son, who played high scool and as a freshman in college, could report to the sideline. This same friend text me as we were leaving saying we may have witnessed the only win of the season and my reply was “possibly” only to have him respond “Definitely”. There were chants of “Cooperthorp” throughout my walk back to my car. Many are asking if we should be hopeful of a 1-10 season, hoping “cooperthorp” will get fired, or should we be hopeful for the season and the kids playing the game???

    1. Some of you are the most unfaithful fans ever this coach came here to try and fix an already dieing program that had been given life and CPR many times.

      It takes time and hard work to put in a new system and try an pick thru whats left when a super sorry ass coach bounces on his program and leaves it for dead.

      The problems at UofL started a while ago. Support the Coach you A-HOLES!!! Support the TEAM!!!
      I’d like to see just ONE of you gutless ass fans run a college football program.

      1. Yeah, the problems started with one bad half costing us a slot in the national championship game. They continued with an Orange Bowl win (by the way were you at the Gator and the Orange — my wife and I were). Yeah those are real problems to overcome.

        My real question to you is do you work in the UofL athletic department or are you a personal friend of a coach who is way over his head?

        I can tell you last night I heard two different members of the UofL Board of Trustees say a change is needed. I am on their side.

    2. A different attitude was what we experienced in the tunnel while walking back to the car: Heard triumphantly “We’re UNDEFEATED!!!” Followed by several fans starting the C-A-R-D-S cheer. So not every fan is giving up.

      Go Cards!

  2. I dunno…looked like a pretty grim post-game presser to me

    and that included grim sports writers going thru the few possible “winnable” games this season

    and finding 0 W’s

  3. The result of the game was the second worse thing that could happen. Of course UofL doesn’t lose to ISU but only winning by 20 is terrible. I will go on record right now and say a change is coming, and it may happen before the end of the season. I love the Cards, and I hate, really hate UK. But there is no way in hell the Cards keep that game close. UK will win by more than 30 points. Steve Kragthorpe I am 29, in shape and am offering to help you move when the time comes.

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