NIT For The Unfocused

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By Tom Stosberg

At this point in time it might be appropriate to re-run my previous post in which it was suggested that the NIT may be in the near future for University of Louisville basketball.

Having been been chastised by some readers, I must submit the skin is thick … and Stosberg is back.

After much less than a lackluster performance against the St. John’s, it is now evident that an alternative competitive tournament may be in order for our men’s basketball team.

And since there is really only one alternative to the “Tournament-Most-Sought-After-by-the-Most-Mature College-Student-Athletes,” let us now focus on the event sometimes referred to as the “Tournament For Underachievers Who are Unable to Focus For Periods of Time Longer Than Two Minutes.”

Teams that go to alternative tournaments are coached by men who also are not focused, possibly pre-occupied by such things as seeking out opportunities to coach in the National Basketball Association. 

Let’s say the New Jersey Nets, for example, might be attempting to assemble the likes of LeBron James, John Wall and Terrance Williams. And such coaches also may wish to leave some problems behind and go to New Jersey. Purely theoretical.

The good news is that Kentucky’s John Calipari is now being linked to the Nets’ job, as well as Mike Krzyzewski at Duke. But this season these guys are definitely headed to the other tournament.


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Tom Stosberg

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  • February 12, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    After last night, let him go. We don’t need any more drama!

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