Nick Petrino, son of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, was arrested early Monday in Southern Indiana on charges of driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, illegal possession of prescription drugs and possession of paraphernalia.

Huntingburg Police pulled him over after allegedly seeing him veer off the road and back onto the highway. He was booked into the Dubois County Jail.  He was listed as a backup quarterback on the Arkansas team on the spring roster but apparently is no longer on the team.  Link

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Nick Petrino bust”
  1. Well, Wally just put an article in the DemoGaz on the sleaziest elements of the SEC….How can BP not qualify? Left the Falcons without so much as telling his players!…has had 21 players arrested since his arrival at the U of A….It will remain this way as long as Bobby, Personality of a Soap Dish, Petrino is the coach!

  2. Bobby is the man. He took our program to new heights! As for this being a news story shows the downside of 24 hour media. The Petrino family should deal with this internally

  3. I can’t stand this punk, and his parents must have raised him wrong as heck. Over the fourth of July weekend, while the Petrinos were in town for the daughter’s wedding, my family had the misfortune to witness this meathead Nick Petrino sit in his daddy’s brand new Mercedes … [deleted]… Then we had the pleasure of watching Nick flash his headlights at our balcony window for another few minutes. Why? I can only guess. I know the people he was hanging out with here when he disgraced our neighborhood, have a physician for a father. [deleted]… Thank GOD this punk did not kill anyone while he was out joyriding. I blame Nick, and most definitely his parents. How many colleges has this kid been to? And if anyone let’s this young man coach their children, they should have CPS called on them. Just disgusting all the way around.

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