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By Klaus Wilmsmeyer

The final score was Florida International 24,  Louisville 17 but it was not  indicative of a game dominated by FIU.  Here are my grades for U of L’s effort:

Offense:  C  —  We only had a few flashes of what could be good football when Josh Chichester would come across the middle of the field with a couple big catches totaling 111 yards..  Our offensve line did not open enough holes for the running game — which was non-existent.  I hope we reach down deep and the line helps the running backs in this week’s game.  Will Stein had good stats, but it did not reflect on the scoreboard.

Defense: D —  Our tackling was not up to par for a D-1 program.  I really think that the group needs to dig deep and concentrate on getting square on opponents in to not miss tackles.  I’ve got to give credit to FIU where it is due.  Mr.  Hilton may be one of the fastest players I ‘ve seen in many years. You can’t teach speed.

Special Teams: D — More of the same.  We should not be missing tackles on Special teams.  The biggest play in football is the kick off and the punt return.  Our guys looked like a deer in the head lights.  I can not stress enough how important it is for us to contain our lanes while running down field.  I know these items will all be addressed this coming week, and I believe we will see a different team on Sat Sept 17 in Lexington.

This upcoming game is for bragging rights for the rest of the year, and if we do not come away with a win, it could be felt during recruiting. [/stextbox]

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By Klaus Wilmsmeyer

Klaus Wilmsmeyer is a former kicker for the University of Louisville, playing under Howard Schnellenberger from 1988 to 1991 before being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers where he played for four seasons, earning a Super Bowl ring in 1994. Klause is currently a Mortgage Loan Originator for Old National Bank and can be reached at 259-7374 (rates are at all-time lows).

2 thoughts on “Monday morning report card”
  1. The key for the running game to be succesful is for the offensive line to be effective, as Klaus indicated. Whether this young group of first year starters can have any effectiveness against 10 returning UK starters remains to be seen.

    With the talent the Cards have at wideout (Parker, Rogers, Bellamy and Harris) and Chichester at TE…throw, throw, throw would be a logical early game plan. Once again, offensive line pass protection for Stein dictates the success of that option.

    Saturday will be interesting for Louisville. The Cats are hardly an offensive juggernaunt.

  2. Good summary, Klaus. Always love to hear the opinion of former players. I hope you contribute more as the season goes on.

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