As if to confirm that anything resembling stability is an illusion when it comes to college basketball recruiting, the University of Louisville’s former top recruit in the 2011 class suddenly has a case of wanderlust.

Michael Chandler, the 6-foot-10, 225-pound prospect from Indianapolis Lawrence North, has indicated that he’s still committed to Louisville but wants to be recruited by other schools. He told an Indianapolis Star blogger:

“I wouldn’t say I’ve decommitted because that makes it sound like a bad thing, but I’ve decided to open it up and look around again. I wanted to look around a little bit before I made things final and signed my letter of intent.”

Well, that’s certainly reassuring, not even admitting that he’s reneging on his word. Just wants to hear what other coaches have to offer. Make the trips, get wined and dined, become the buzz again on scouting sites and fan message boards. You know the routine.

He’s obviously back on the market, in every sense of the term. To secure him, Rick Pitino will have to up the ante somehow … in a sport where there’s not supposed to be an ante.

Too much gong on behind the scenes in basketball recruiting these days for fans to ever get comfortable with early verbal commitments.

See ya, Michael.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

12 thoughts on “Michael Chandler Still Committed, Sure He Is”
  1. College basketball is quickly catching up with the Worldwide Wrestling Federation when it comes to slime. And you know what happened with the WWF. It is nowhere to be found.

  2. Duke is going to steal this recruit, but you can blame the kid for wanting to go to a program that wins the big games.

  3. He is “shopping” and we aren’t selling…..we don’t need him but would welcome him if he wants to come. Louisville also wins the big games…..BE Championship last year, Big East Regular Season Champs last year; uh, I believe we won some big games to do that. A couple of Elite Eights and a Final Four the past few years; and how many banners do we have hanging from the rafters at FH? U of L is not exactly PODUNK U, B Awesome. Go CARDS!

  4. Well he was 15 when commited only 10th grade,,every kid want attetion tovords them self,,,so those things are expected he commited too early,,,if he stay with as good if not we gona be fine,,with jennings samardo,,and dieng if he commited might be better and will respect cards and appriciate the chance playing for as go cardss

  5. These players are young and they are looking at options and what can benefit them most at the time. Sometimes we project adult aspirations on kids… verbal commitments have no strings anymore – so there you go. Not until there is a signature and both parties are smiling in the same room can it mean anything…..

  6. Your alls recruits are like cats in paper bags…no way to keep them in…Cal might have to snag Chandler like he did your boy marcus teague. Can’t wait to whoop up on the CARDS AGAIN with freshman!!!! LOL

    1. somebody sounds a little too sure of himself….sure hope Cheatin Cal goes to the Bulls – looks/sounds like a done deal. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fan base…………..go CARDS!

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