Admission to all but one University of Louisville home baseball game is currently free but that could change if the coach can convince Athletic Director Tom Jurich to change the policy.

Dan McDonnell believes the program has reached a point where fans would dig in their pockets to see the caliber of athletes U of L is putting on the field. “I would like to charge admission for the right reasons,” he told a gathering at the University Club this week. “We would like to pay our way as much possible.”


McDonnell says games are currently free because Jurich wants to give something back to Louisville fans for their support of the overall program. “That’s a positive, and we understand where he’s coming from.”

In his remarks, he cited a couple of examples of where additional funds would have been helpful.

The flood that engulfed portions of the U of L campus last August destroyed virtually all of the team’s equipment. “Much of it was covered by insurance but, while restoring our facility, it was a good time to make some other improvements.”

McDonnell also noted the rainout forcing a postponement of the championship game last season during the Big East Tournament in Clearwater, Fla., cost more than $30,000 for another flight. “Kevin Miller (who oversees athletic expenses) almost choked on that one,” he said.

While the program is largely funded by the athletic department, the team also receives some support from the Dugout Club. Currently, U of L charges admission only for the game against the University of Kentucky, this year scheduled April 28th.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “McDonnell Wants Charge For U of L Baseball”
  1. No offense to the Bats, but I for one would much rather pay to see the Cards than anyone else in town. At 5 to 10 a ticket I can’t imagine a better value. If this town wants to maintain a nationally recognized program we should be willing to help out. Dan, I got your back! Keep up the good work!

    1. I would start out at less than $5, say $3-$4. something about that $5 threshold that seems like a turnoff at this point. Try the lower fee first, then increase it in 2-3 years should the market bear with you.

  2. I love UofL Sports. I’d probably pay to see them play. I understand where coach McDonnell is coming from. I’d rather pay to see the Cards play ball than the Bat’s. Nothing against the Bats, I just love the Cards… Maybe it’s the sound of the metal bats or just the chance to win a national championship.

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