Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops won’t be attending the annual Governor’s Cup Luncheon in Louisville on Wednesday, indicating that he couldn’t spare a full day away from his fledgling program.

Whatever the reason, his reluctance to participate puts Stoops in a bad light, with little regard for the UofL vs. UK rivalry or the organizers of the annual event.  Poor manners, bad etiquette, boorish behavior casting a shadow over what has been a fun event since the football rivalry was renewed in 1994.

Mark Stoops
Mark Stoops

The Governor’s Cup Luncheon has traditionally a unique opportunity for UofL and UK partisans to get together in a casual setting, play some golf, break bread together and trade a few jabs in a setting which, if not always friendly, was less than the hostile atmosphere in which usually meet.

The primary benefit of the rivalry and the luncheon was promoting football in a state that has lagged behind the rest of the country, having to be dragged into the current century where football is the undisputed king of college sports. As an Ohio native and the football coach at a school like UK, Stoops should be among the first to promote the sport in Kentucky.

The actual game won’t be played until Nov. 29 and the event could have been rescheduled but that doesn’t excuse Stoops’ oafish behavior.

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Time for another Maker’s Mark special label. Details of the newest  commemorative bottle will be announced Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Yum! Practice Center. Tom Jurich (via teleconference), men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino and men’s soccer coach Ken Lolla will participate. Proceeds going to the UofL Academic Center for Excellence to be built on the UofL campus.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Mark Stoops sabotages UofL-UK Governor’s Cup event”
  1. Unbelievable. There’s no excuse for this and no excusing him for such a stupid decision. Part of his job, whether he likes it or not, is being a good ambassador for his program. He has failed miserably thus far.

  2. A major public relations mistake on his part, reflecting badly on his decision making skills and indicating just how inept he is when it comes to building a positive public perception. This will not be helpful as his program continues to struggle.

  3. Not too shocking considering their new slogan is “Change the Game”.
    I guess this is one way they are changing it.
    Can’t wait to their beatdown on Thanksgiving weekend!

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