So much fun watching Jude Schimmel on those breakaway lay ups.

The last thing any fan of University of Louisville women’s basketball expected in the NCAA’s first round was a 33-point win over Brigham Young, 86-53, dominating in all phases of the game.

Jude Schimmel breaking away again.
Jude Schimmel breaking away again.

In many games this season, the Cardinals started slowly, assessing their opponents, needing to warm up to the task before getting their collective act together. The tendency was becoming a characteristic, more than a little worrisome.

Not on Saturday, however. The UofL women displayed new levels of intensity from the start, dismantling a shocked and unprepared BYU. The Cougars would turn the ball over 11 times in the first 11 minutes, with Louisville racing to a 24-12 edge.

UofL’s chaotic defense credited with 24 steals while forcing BYU into 30 turnovers, turning them into 38 points. Meanwhile, the Cardinals were getting 19 assists and connecting on 45.9 percent of their shots on the offensive end.

Myisha Hines-Allen having her way around the basket, collecting 19 points to lead all scorers while pulling down eight rebounds. Jude adding a total of 13 points, including one 3-pointer and five breakaways.

The UofL bench a major factor, contributing 37 points, with Bria Smith and Shawnta Dyer each adding 11 points apiece.

Emonnie Henderson pretty good at those breakaways, too. Get out of her way.

*    *   *

The Cougars, more than a little frustrated, the game getting chippy in the second half, with bodies landing on the court. Mariya Moore apparently a target, instinctively retaliating at one point. Some of the BYU tactics becoming more evident as the game goes on, with the ESPN commentators paying closer attention to the physicality.

*    *    *

Next up: South Florida on South Florida’s home court Monday

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. That wasn’t instinct on Mariya Moore’s part that was a cheapshot. She should know better

    1. My understanding is that Mariya was responding to a blow in the stomach a little earlier. If the officials aren’t going to control things, they leave it up to the players. Mariya is such a calm person, I believe she was responding to something.

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