Still waiting for the officials to review that final Josh Chichester catch before chalking this one up. The pace of this game apparently had the officiating crew nodding off at the most inappropriate times. Doubts about a play? Why discuss it for five minutes before going up the replay booth? Honestly, guys.

  • If anyone was looking for an excuse to fire someone, there were plenty of candidates available in a game involving two of the most offensive offenses in memory.
  • No nitpicks with the fans who showed up, good crowd, whether 28,000 or 33,000(as announced). Came back from half time, cheered at the right times, embarrassed at the right times, booed at the right time (just before half), and stayed till the utter end.
  • Chichester, with his many near misses and missing man routine for most of the season, appears to be getting the hang of being a tall receiver. The one-hand catch for what appeared to be touchdown and was first called defensive pass interference but later determined to be offensive pass interference, was one of the few offensive highlights between Trent Guy returns.
  • A win over Syracuse is not that meaningful but it does solidify the Orange’s place as the worst team in a cramped field at the bottom of the league.
  • Too bad Louisville linebacker Chris Campa is a senior. With his 13 tackles and two sacks, he was practically a one-man wrecking crew. Jon Dempsey and Richard Raglin with their eight and nine tackles, respectively, yep, they’re seniors, too. Start all over again next season with the defense.
  • Trent Guy still doesn’t quite get the hang of when not to catch a punt but not for him, this would have been a game without any sign of life from the Louisville offense.
  • Give it up for Chris Philpott, who is taking the intrigue out of the short kicking game. That winning extra point was far from a sure thing just a few games ago.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “No Offense But Louisville Wins”
  1. Okay Mister Jurich, what part of this Syracuse game could make you think that the Cards are improving–enough that we might beat UK next year? What kind of offensive progress did YOU see? Did you see any depth in our defensive ranks?
    Did you watch last week, when our guys played about well as they could–and were still out-classed and out-coached? Are we going for more JuCo troops next year, to replace the few solid performers we’re losing to graduation?
    Sure, we won the game yesterday–or did Syracuse lose it?
    What an embarassing game to be a part of–even worse than being invited to be the Homecoming opponent for half the league.
    Mister Jurich–please give us something to hope for, at least a hint about the future.
    ‘Cause the present stinks.

  2. Louisville began the season at home with a 30-10 win over Indiana State University. They then traveled to Kentucky and lost 27-31. A trip to Utah brought a 14-30 loss. They returned home and lost to Pittsburgh 10-35. Southern Miss came to Louisville and lost 25-23. Louisville lost at UConn 25-38. Louisville went to Cincinnati and lost 10-41. Arkansas State came to Louisville and lost 21-13. Louisville went to WVU and lost 9-17. Syracuse came to Louisville and lost 10-9.

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