stextbox id=”warning”]Finally, the University of Louisville has landed a recruit from Central High School. In football, no less. For years, talented Central athletes have turned a blind eye to U of L, consistently going elsewhere.

Stephan Robinson is breaking the ground. The gifted 5-foot-9, 165-pound wide receiver caught 35 passes for 764 yards and 11 touchdowns during his senior year.

Robinson may even have some company from Central in linebacker Tim Patterson, who finished the season with 91 tackles, including 12 tackles for losses, four sacks and two interceptions. Coach Ty Scroggins, a former Louisville player, has indicated that Robinson and Patterson want to attend the same school.

Former Central basketball coach Robert Graves will be turning over in his grave.

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Fan Man — Gotta give a shout out to Joe Ghbard, the fan who took it upon himself to get the crowd fired up in sections 234 and 235 during the second half.

Joe Ghbard
Joe Ghbard

Ghbard was standing on railings, running up and down the aisle, exhorting fans to get off their rear ends. Lecturing at times, fending shouts to sit down, somehow avoiding confrontations, getting his fellow fans involved. “Come on now,” he kept shouting. “We’ve got to defend our end of the field.”

Those sections, located below the luxury suites, have rarely seen the like. Come back anytime, Joe.

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The Scuffle — At least no pre-season injuries yet. Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith found themselves in the wrong place at the right time, getting arrested, spending overnight in jail after a misunderstanding in a Jeffersonville night spot. Charged with resisting arrest, they will soon be confronted by Rick Pitino, who is somewhat familiar with bad late night decisions.[/stextbox]

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

5 thoughts on “Louisville Turns A Corner At Central”
  1. Graves was the guy who started the trend out of Louisville when he had some great Central teams. Glad some kids are finally making the right choices. The split was totally unnecessary.

  2. Ty Scroggins, the head football coach at Central, played for Howard in the early nineties. He has felt a definite lack of love from the Cardinal recruiting coordinator Greg Nord and other UofL coaches until recently. The same as been true at Butler, where two great kickers got away. It is refreshing to see us making contacts with these guys again.

  3. Did you catch the quotes from Ernst Givins? He essentially called out Kragthrope saying that neither he nor most of the past football cards have ever heard from Kragthorpe and this is a serious blow to recruiting. Givins was a 10 year pro and a pro bowl player. Worse he is a high school football coach in FL of all places for Pete’s sake. This is much like blowing off the KY high school coaches at their meeting.

    Take a look at what Crean did at IU when he got there. He won over all of Knight’s former players to build a solid fan and recruiting base. SK in his incapable robotic manner ignores the former players who could help him. And the state’s high school coaches.The man has no clue how to win people over and recruit. My guess is this year’s team has a max of three players who even stand a chance of being drafted. He has no f***ing clue how to reach out and touch someone.

    Wait, that’s not totally true. He has reached out and touched a lot of fans. And given us a bad case of rash.

      1. You can say he’s been a little busy but all three years? One would think a new coach would IMMEDIATELY want to reach out to former players who could help him. His people skills leave much to be desired.

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