Sandy Pearsall resigns 19 years after launching UofL softball program (Charlie Springer photo).

Sandy Pearsall is out, submitting her resignation Tuesday as head coach of the University of Louisville softball team. Her decision to retire followed a second consecutive season in which UofL softball failed to make the NCAA tournament.

Coincidentally, Pearsall’s departure fell on the same day that Florida State was winning its first national championship with a win over Washington. FSU is the first Atlantic Coast Conference team to win a national title in a sport traditionally dominated by the Pac-12 and the Southeastern Conference.

Pearsall’s teams were never much of a factor NCAA competition, winning only three of eight games in their last five appearances. They were 13-22 in 13 appearances in the tournament. Their failure to make the NCAA the past two years was disappointing.

Fans had high hopes for the program following the 2012 season when UofL won its first 28 games and the Big East conference and tournament titles. Great start, finishing 55-5 overall, but bowing out early again at NCAA tournament time.

Pearsall deserves credit for starting the program 19 years ago. Over that span she won 65% of her games, compiling  718-371 won-lost record, with at least 40 victories in eight seasons.

Wishing her well in retirement.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

One thought on “Louisville softball fell short for Pearsall in NCAA competition”
  1. Like so many UofL coaches, Sandy was eager to do anything when it came to media coverage and public appearances. Coach was always a great interview and shot “from the hip”. Accessibility never n issue and you’d also see her supporting other campus sports and was quite knowledgeable on how they were doing.

    She’s one of the good ones. No player revolts, no questionable ethics or controversies. I hope Tyra gets the seed money “from the powers that be” to bring in a fitting successor.

    And the softball banquets were always top notch. She never said “no” to speaking engagements. Her Sportsmen Supper Club appearances were always entertaining and informative. Softball’s public service reputation was undeniably one of the best on campus.

    Sometimes you have to look past the W/L record and tournament stuff. Quality and above reproach coaches are what UofL needs. I hope they find one.


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