When a team brings only eight players, it’s only a matter of time before that team runs out of gas. The University of Alabama-Birmingham finally did at the eight-minute mark in the second half. Nothing left in the tank.

–Samardo Samuels was paying close attention to the extra individual instruction he received over the last week, getting rid of the ball quickly when doubleteamed, creating more openings for himself, more three-point attempts for his teammates. Six offensive rebounds a major advance from the early games.

— Jarad Swopshire showed why Rick Pitino trusted him to start, three of four shooting, four rebounds, zero turnovers. The explanation for starting Swopshire instead of Earl Clark was to prepare Swopshire for Big East play. More like Rick Pitino sending a message to someone.

— Clark had four turnovers to go with four blocks and 12 points during his 26 minutes. One of these games, Clark is going to get serious, break a sweat, quit dribbling and begin to take over the game. It has to begin soon, or his pro basketball career will be a brief one.

–Terrence Williams obviously took advantage of the extra time to refocus, or is it simply that he feels more comfortable playing at Freedom Hall? One would hope it’s the latter.The shot, with Pitino’s tinkering, looking better, on five of eight three-point attempts, with 21 points. Ten rebounds, seven assists. Maybe he’s working up to a few triple doubles.

— Preston Knowles belongs in the starting lineup. Give the man a green light to shoot, then turn him loose on the opposition’s best shooter. Minutes today: Knowles 20, Edgar Sosa 4.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

13 thoughts on “Louisville Outmans UAB, 82-62”
  1. cbcard:

    Now that is funny! Sosa is a great player as far as athleticism goes, but as you have stated, he needs to get his thinking right.

    Hell, move Sosa to SG, and see what he does….

    Just switch Jerry and Edgar. See how that works.

    Sosa wants to score all the time, so move him to the 2 spot.

  2. About blue in the Hall:

    I am not mad at the UK fans. I think OUR fans need to step their game up. I have said for quite a while, we pale to UK in fan support. Look at the blue in the stands when they play in say, Maui, Hawaii….


    Agreed on Clark. There is so much seperation in the NBA, it is not funny. You have to factor that in, the (2-3) walks he got at the end of our NCAA UNC out, would not have been walks in the NBA. 3 steps. Hell, they don’t even play much D in the Western Conference. Clark will thrive.

    In General:

    Sosa is still Sosa. We were a much better team with him on the bench, and I would MUCH rather have Jerry running the 1 spot. Sucks to lose the offense, but he knows the meaning of “collapse and pass”.

  3. Jason, you make some good points. We need him to do it now instead of later, if you know what I mean.

  4. Nice work Charlie, i enjoy reading your articles. But i do have to disagree with you on your comments about Earl Clark. I think Earl will actually play better in the NBA. He is a good 1-on-1 player and the NBA has plenty of room, with the three-point line being so far back, and the fact that there is little defense in the next level. He doesn’t have enough space before he gets double-teamed when taking it to the hole in college. Teams attack him once he gets the ball because it says to do so on the scouting report. If it came down to a last possesion for the chance to win i would put the ball in his hands. I beleive he will actually improve in the next level as well. I do agree with you that it does not look like he try’s sometimes, but overall i think he will be a solid role player at the next level. Just my opinion, Go Cards!

  5. That’s right Charlie; we need to take it a game at a time and not look too far ahead but it’s hard to do. I see RED every time I think of “them” coming to town….we MUST beat UNLV first. Go CARDS!

  6. No one abhors the blue more than the moderator of this blog. There will be plenty of material this week, especially with all the nuts who give up their seats to blue fans.

    But first, there is a dangerous UNLV team coming in here.

  7. I’ll see wht I can do. Some things that come to mind off the cuff…
    1) Station UofL linemen at each entry point of Freedom Hall. If someone approaches the turnstile in blue, they receive either a sack or pancake block and a change of shirts. I’d refrain from putting any defensive backs up there..Too risky.
    2) Somehow convince “bluebellies” that UofL’s shooting percentage goes way up if they see blue shirts in the stands.
    3) Let it leak out that Rick plans on wearing a blue suit to the game. No self respecting UK fan would be caught dead wearing the same stuff as Pitino. Then, at game time..he comes out in a red blazer. I’ll give it more thought, see what I can do.

  8. Kudos to Andre McGee today, some clutch threes and tons of hustle. He’s one of those guys that are in it for team success. No Terrance Jenningstoday, even after appearing on the Rick Pitino show Saturday morning. I did notice, though, he was nestled in right next to Walter McCarty, and the two seemed to have a lot of dialouge going on.

    As far as Freedom Hall and the quest to make it a ‘red out’ on the 4th. Good luck, and a nice thought, but those ‘bluebellies’ are always going to find a way to infiltrate. You’d be suprised at the numbers of Cards season ticket holders that will still trot out the ‘blue’ when the game is in Freedom Hall. I’d love to see it all red in there, too…but as long as we win…it’ll just give us someone to give the business to after and during the game.

  9. Amen. It galls me that so many U of L fans sell their seats to yUK fans. Ridiculous and not something any self respecting blue fan would do when U of L comes goes to Rupture. There should be only a scant amount of that horrible blue in Freedom Hall – it’s OUR house until we move into our new place…..PLEASE wear your red and go CARDS!!

  10. Freedom Hall should be all red on January 4th. Too many fans give or sell their tickets to fans wearing the wrong color(blue). They need to be exposed.

    I am used to seeing Bruce Lunsford sitting in his seat on the floor in his silly blue sweater. With all the losing political campaigns he has run he is irrelevant. Let’s give him another loser next Sunday.

    No blue in the hall.

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