No surprise after another loss to Kentucky that a segment of University of Louisville football fans would turn on Coach Scott Satterfield. Yes. They have. Fans will be fans, fair weather or no.

The Cards (7-5) were in the game at halftime had a bad third quarter that doomed Louisville to its fourth straight loss in the rivalry. Louisville did get a fourth quarter touchdown, stayed focused and avoided another blowout.

Let’s just move on. Nobody likes losing to their rivals. But. Kentucky’s (7-5) program is ahead of UofL right now.

Louisville played a lot of good teams, Central Florida, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, James Madison, North Carolina State and Clemson. No great teams. It was a down year in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Frontrunner Clemson (10-2) has no shot at the College Football Playoff.

UofL split eight games in the conference, getting off to a terrible start in league play (0-3) losing at Syracuse, Florida State and at Boston College. A Friday night loss to Florida State, 31-27 was one of the high points. The biggest home crowd 46,459 were in attendance. The Seminoles might be the best team in the league now.

Louisville is a good team, not great. It’s defense created so many turnovers and pressured teams it put the offense in a lot of favorable situations.

The offense had its moments. But was inconsistent. Malik Cunningham couldn’t stay healthy. It wasn’t his fault. Brock Domann did a good job as his replacement. Jawar Jordan developed as a fast solid running back. The offensive line was solid but had some missteps along the way. Injuries and quality depth were and are always a problem.

The defense made things difficult on the opposition. Yasir Abdullah, Yaya Diaby, Monty Montgomery helped the Cards lead the nation in sacks and fifth in turnover margin.

But fans are howling again. I don’t think it’s a total dislike but a lot still feel Sattterfield is not the answer.

“Do you accept mediocrity? We need a better coach. Don’t like his play calling,” one fan on Facebook. Another fan tweeted, “you liked him when he was winning five of six games.”

Satterfield is (25-24) in four seasons. He’s not Nick Sabin, Kirby Smart or Lincoln Riley. He’s honest, his players don’t get in trouble off the field. Most play hard most of the time. He will answer a question when asked. He has a level head.

When Louisville struggled losing three of their first five he went to defensive coordinator Bryan Brown and worked more closely with him. Satterfield still called the offense. Cunningham was mostly good on short and medium routes. His running was good at times. Transfer Tyler Hudson had an outstanding season getting over 1,000 receding yards. Marshon Ford was solid dependable.

Running back Trevion Cooley left several weeks ago and is in the portal as is defensive lineman Caleb Banks. Jalen Mitchell, Neko Harper left several weeks ago. There will be others.

I’ve heard as high as 30 percent of a teams roster will turn over. Satterfield said he will analyze needs and dive into the portal. “Roster management is one of the hardest things,” said Sattefield. “It’s difficult.”

With a strong recruiting class coming, if opponents don’t steal your recruits, Louisville should be headed in the right direction.

Whichever bowl the Cardinals go to, rumors are Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas or the Cheezit in Orlando, Louisville still has a shot at eight wins.

That might calm the malcontents until spring practice.

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By Ed Peak

Ed Peak has covered UofL sports since 1973, as a student reporter, as a correspondent for the Courier-Journal, a freelancer for the Associated Press and United Press International, as well as ScoreCard, Fox Sports and CBS radio.

2 thoughts on “Louisville football headed in the right direction”
  1. Ed, sorry, you’ve been covering UL since 1973 and you don’t get not beating Kentucky?! Really?! Seriously?! And, mediocre football is not going to fill 60k seats at Cardinal Stadium. When that stadium was built, UL promised Division 1 level competition for our donations. Time for an attitude change at UL.

    1. Pretty sure Ed knows the importance of the Louisville vs. Kentucky rivalry, having grown up with it. The thing about football programs is that it takes a while to build a winner, i.e., Stoops in Lexington. Word is that UK has fired it offensive coordinator after this season. Satterfield took some major steps forward with the program this season, making UofL football fun to watch again. Except for the UK game, of course, but the rivalry tends to go in cycles . Stay tuned, Satterfield is definitely headed in a positive direction. Losing to UK is not the end of the world.

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