Much too easy to point out the bad things that happen after a loss than the good things after a win. Funny, the way that works. So we will attempt to stress the positive and hold the negative to a minimum, knowing that this University of Louisville football team continues to make progress after going in reverse a year ago.

 ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1  UofL has a good offense when quarterback Hunter Cantwell is healthy, not favoring a sprained ankle. When he gets hurt or beat up, he has a history of turning the ball over. Besides the deadly interception, he also fumbled once.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Good that Tyler Wolfe wasn’t forced to play more than four downs. Deer in the headlights.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Victor Anderson gained 80 of his 103 yards in the first half. Has less than 10 carries in the second half for some reason. Yeah, we’re impressed with Bilal Powell’s 112 yards but Anderson is much more convincing.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Why take someone out of the game when he is running roughshod over the opposition? Seems to be a pattern emerging. And where was Brock Bolen in the second half? Curious that he was lining up for kickoff returns. He’s a tough guy but don’t get it.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 The defensive unit continues to impress, holding UConn to 279 total yards. That’s impressive even though UConn quarterback Tyler Lorenzen was finished after being injured in the first half.

 ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Josh Chichester caught seven passes for 63 yards. He’s getting better. But Doug Beaumont (six for 106) is the obvious go-to guy. Go to him when the game is on the line. Josh’s time will come – quit forcing it on him.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Gusty winds were carrying kickoffs far into the end zone for the UConn kicker  but they seemed to be of minimal benefit for UofL kicker Chris Philpott.  

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 Great crowd of 42,453 fans, the bandwagon was ready. What was really impressive was how many stayed until Cantwell threw the ball to a UConn defender.

ul-cardinal-head-logo2-thumb1 I can hear Ed Kallay, a longtime UofL announcer in the sixties and seventies, looking down from the press box in the sky, saying: “These guys just can’t stand prosperity!”

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

6 thoughts on “Louisville Flinches, UConn Obliges 26-21”
  1. It wasn’t quite a Syracuse-sick-to-my-stomach- feeling

    I don’t believe i’ve ever—or ever will again — be that caught off guard.


    There is no way you lose that game

    No way

    but we did.

    And there are ALWAYS most excellent excuses (often the same ones),

    and ALWAYS a totally unemotional Koach afterwards, “taking defeat well.”

    Yes, K takes defeat very well. I think I hate him.

  2. I’ll let you dwell on the positives, but I’m not ready to let go of the anger, yet. This was as close to must win game as the Cards have had since Krag became head coach. I am so PO’d by the seemingly endless string of caoching mistakes. From not using the right people at the right time, to poor play calling, to penalties because of the lack of basic fundamentals, to using time outs at the wrong time, etc.

    It’s obviously difficult to get a team of young and new players to work smotthly together. But for some reason other head coaches seem to be able to do just that.

    I believe that Steve Kragthorpe is mid-major head coach, unfortunately Louisville is in the Big East, not the OVC. I may end up being wrong but after watching last season and this one so far, I don’t have much confidence in his ability to right the ship.

  3. Charlie,

    I have to give you kudos for being able to look at the sunny-side instead of the dwelling on the errors. Hopefully, the team will bounce back and win the next couple of games. If we can go 7-5 this year at least we will be better than last year. Although that is not saying much given the weakness of the Big East and the amount of home games we have this year.

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