One has to give the officials credit for trying to keep the ugly stuff in check during the Louisville-Kentucky basketball game. Problem was there was just too much of it. The poor officials, even when confronted with video evidence, still manage to make the wrong call in the Jared Swopshire-DeMarcus Cousins melee. Remember how basketball used to be the game of finesse? Those days are gone forever if John Calipari keeps winning ugly at Kentucky.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

9 thoughts on “Lexington A Dark Alley For Louisville”
  1. Reality,

    I can understand your enthusiasm over this year’s edition of the UK basketball team. Having crawled out of the deep, dark recesses of the Billy Gillespie era has to be a breath of fresh air for you and all UK fans. A dynamic and well…dynamic coach has taken over.

    I do think you Cats will have a fine season. Calipari has assembled a great deal of talent there in Lexington. Subject to NCAA investigation, review and possible sanctions down the road…of course. Doesn’t matter. Calipari has never been indicted, convicted or arrested. Gotta have that seperation. A little distance.

    Nevertheless, it’s true. You won the match up Saturday. Best of luck in the SEC. Let’s hope Cousins can stay out of further altercations, Calipari figures out that yelling at other team’s players is probably a bad idea and he and Bledsoe can share many more warm, passionate embraces like they did at the start of the game Saturday (more sarcasm).

  2. I haven’t heard this much whining and crying since I visited a local daycare. Louisville lost, get over it. Could it be the UofL faithful is shaking in their boots because they fear a future of Calipari and Kentucky dominating Pitino and the Cardinals for years to come? Certainly seems like it. The reality is, the UofL players dished it out but couldn’t take it. Chanting “We are bad motherf—-s in the tunnel before the game was about as sad of a commentary as it goes on college athletics. Pitino’s game plan was clearly to try and incite the UK players in order to give his team a “fighting” chance. It blew up in his face. How easy the Cardinal fans toss around the word “thug.” And as well they should, they’re clearly familiar with how thugs act. Only this time, their team had it shoved back in their face. So stop whining and crying and live with the loss. You’ll get used it over the coming seasons when UK-UL play. And remember, when your team picks a fight, don’t be surprised when you end up in the fight of your life. Don’t bring that trash into Rupp Arena—and leave your elitist attitude at the door.

    1. To Realty_Bites: Glad we have you here to enlighten us (sarcasm). I don’t think Louisville fans are upset by losing; they really didn’t expect to win in Rupp. The problem, as has been pretty clearly stated, was the attitude of the Kentucky players who were spoiling for a street fight in the worst way and a coach edging them on. By the way, U of L has a No. 1 recruiting class on the way so I doubt U of L will ever get used to losing to Kentucky. When these wins are expunged a couple of years from now, the record will show who the real winner was.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it may be time to stop this game. Sure, there would be a lot of grumbling, but this is intolerable, and embarrassing.

    1. For Statingafact: PLEASE, if you are going to visit this site and state your position, PLEASE do so in a literate manner. Your post makes one wonder if you are a UK graduate, and if so, HOW??? Remember: incorrect grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, AND capitalization detract from your message, resulting in your sounding like a poorly educated person. Now, I realize people who post on these boards don’t care too much about correctness, but if you are going to make a point and give it some validity, do so with an “ear” to how it will sound. Do you really want to sound like a dropout?

  4. Each team was guilty of behavior that has no place on the basketball court. It is time to put an end to all this unsportsmanlike behavior (on both teams) and the agression going on between both fanbases. I extend my hand to UK fans and all opponets. Play hard. Play fair. Remember it is just a game and leave the hand to hand combat out of it.

    None of us want to see a young athelete’s career or health affected by violent, unwarranted actions on a field of sport. Time to dial it back…fans and players.

  5. Wow! I say it was a very flagrant foul. No two ways about it. The refs were unplugged on that one. I realize the sport is physical but come on… it was dirty and I can’t believe he (15) was not ejected. Look… this game was steeped in rivalry but the refs were either too afraid or just blind not to call it for what it was.

  6. ok, i understand what demarcus cousins done was wrong, but on the video you posted you need to look around 16 or 17 seconds within the beginning and you’ll see the UofL player go for a knee to Cousins head? You cant tell me that move was a accident. If that was a accident, cousins elbow to the face was a accident. The Ref’s called it fare.

    If anything, you should talk about how bad the UofL players were before the game even started. Denying players hand shakes before the tip and even talking smack on media interviews? Is that what pinto encourages these young men to do?

    Also, its a known fact that Pinto goes into a game to exploit other players. Its even been confirmed by several UofL players aka Sosa or whatever his name is, that they go in and if they know they are a force to reckon with they try to take him out early out, even if it results to fighting.

    Dont go and talk about a UK player or the coach getting ugly wins if the UofL players are going to play dirty and ugly to win a game then admit to it after the game.

    1. Thanks for visiting and expressing your viewpoint.

      Just a freindly reminder. It is Pitino, not Pinto. The cameras caught Cousins move and it was the one in a series of events that the commentators chose to harp on, from what I’m reading.

      From my vantage point in Rupp, I could not see the knne or the elbow, the players were facing the other way. High in Rupp, it just looked like a scrap for a loose ball in real time. Although I doubt the series will be cancelled, both coaches, athletic directors and players on each side need to take steps to make sure such mayhem does not develop next year. And, the fans need to cool down as well. Me included.

      Duke and UNC have a slightly more fierce rivalry than UofL and UK do and you don’t see that kind of stuff going on there.

      The commonwealth of Kentucky isn’t exactly viewed as the most progressive and intellectual region of the United States by the rest of the nation. No need to add fuel to that fire on national TV during a sporting event.

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