Ugly, as bad as it gets. Go ahead and mail UConn the trophy. If you have the stomach, Sonja commiserates here.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

8 thoughts on “Lady Cards vs. UConn”
  1. I always like to say that the two darlings of Big East Women’s basketball, UConn and Rutgers, always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to judgemental calls. Then, when they play each other…the whistles mysteriously disappear. We all know that Geno and C.Viv are great coaches, attract great talent and never have sub .500 seasons, but should this be a reason why games can’t be called fairly and without bias?

    The Big East is a snooty club where the old and orifinal members get special consideration and favortism. I’d still like to see those ballots for Women’s Player of the Year. Won’t ever happen, though…they just don’t release them. How in the heck can you be the leading scorer and rebounder in a league, have the most steals and lead your team to a second place finish and not win the award. It’s all part of a subplot to make sure Maya Moore gets it four years in a row and the Big East can have it’s own “Candace Parker”.

  2. What I am sick of seeing are foul calls favoring the other team. Gwen was run over by that manly looking Kia Vaughn in the Rutgers game and they call Gwen for the foul. UConn game, the same way. They got away with I don’t know how many traveling calls. Plus, when the Lady Cards tried their best to play up to UConn’s challenge, once again the home team was given favors on its home court.

  3. If the zebras called the game evenly it would have been much, much closer. Like 29 points. UConn is number 1 and the next best team in NCAA Womens Basketball is probably number 8 or 9.

  4. UConn is going steamroll through the NCAA tournament. Won’t be as lopsided as U of L because their opponents will be rested.

    1. I seriously doubt it set Louisville women’s basketball back 5 hours, much less five years.
      Following that logic, did it do the same to the programs at North Carolina, Oklahoma and Pittsburgh (who all suffered similar losses at the hands of the Huskies)?

      All it did is show that a tired team had a bad night to the #1 team in the nation.

      Louisville women’s basketball is still alive and well, with a top 10 recruting class coming in and one of the best young coaches/recruiters in the nation. If that’s a five year setback, then what’s to become of the other 300+ programs that haven’t acheived the successes ofthe Cards over the last two years?

      Haven’t seen you around here before, Cinda. Are you a kittie-kat that’s come over to visit, snipe and scamper away? If so….Shooo…bad kittie, shoo!

  5. UConn at another level. Glad Dez Byrd got to sit down for a while. She doesn’t belong out there. Candyce has been playing women’s NCAA basketball for four years?

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