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Interesting that Elisha Justice’s reaffirmation of his commitment to the University of Louisville basketball program sparked as many, if not more, visitors and comments, than the fight with Kentucky over five-star recruit Marquis Teague.

Makes one appreciate Elisha Justice all the more, especially with all the theatrics and drama going down in the most recent recruiting skirmish.

The observer didn’t need a crystal ball last August to predict there would be some no-longer-unique factors affecting Teague’s decision.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

3 thoughts on “Justice Was Served”
  1. In full agreement that the AAU programs are exciting to watch and the AAU coaches probably “have their players’ ears” more than the high schools coaches.

    The game has changed. Whether it has changed for the better is subject to debate. CBS has secured the NCAA Championships broadcast contract for the foreseeable future and brought in Turner Sports as a partner down the road. Four more years of Jim Nantz, Greg Gumbel and Clark Kellogg. I wonder who they’ll get to sing “One Shining Moment” next year? Taylor Swift? Pink? Black Eyed Peas? Dierks Bentley?

    Duke and Butler. More white boys in the final game than we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe there is hope for Jon Hood, Stephen VanTreese and Elisha Justice after all.

  2. AS a black man cards fan with todays top recruits its a new generation . Marquis Teague did what was best for him not Pitino or Calipari. High school basketball ball is dead the old days are gone. Calipari is a well paid AAU coach because he teaches nothing and talks basketball. He can have the top 15 recruits in the country and still will not win the final four.Calipari is very damn good because he relates to these young black kids everything music,culture just like a AAU coach. Example take Lebron James high school basketball coach give him the keys to a top basketball program with James influence along with NIKE not ADDIAS and famous RAPPERS i guarantee you he will have most of top recruits in the country. WATCH A AAU GAME AND THINK ABOUT IT because what UK BASKETBALL HAS BECOME

    1. Not sure what you’re describing is a good thing for the kids, college basketball or society in general. Sounds like a “me” thing where kids are spoiled, getting whatever they want, with nobody ever saying no.

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