The tremors had not yet reached the tropical paradise.

Tom Jurich gave little indication during his halftime TV interview during the Bahamas basketball exhibition game that he was aware of a possible move of Texas A&M to the Southeastern Conference. A nice little chat with Drew Deener about how well things were going with University of Louisville athletics.

About an hour later, speculation would reach a fever pitch on the Internet, with Florida State having been added to the speculative mix, leaving the ACC for the SEC. Further fed by mentions of Clemson, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State

If any combination of the above occurred, the landscape of the college conference would change dramatically. Say, for example, the SEC decided to go to 16 teams. This would force the Big 12, the ACC, the Big Ten, and the PAC to enter the fray, taking the me-too approach to new levels. The Big East would again be pushed into a corner, its back against the wall.

Not that Jurich would have been alarmed or acted any differently.  He’s been here before, faced with the threat of dramatic changes in the conference landscape. No need to bring out the laundry list, but Jurich has laid the groundwork to ensure the University of Louisville athletic program, led by basketball and football, is positioned as a valuable conference candidate when the ground stops shaking.

What’s ironic about this continuing debacle is that so many universities, the self-proclaimed bastions of social equality, fairness, and wealth, are, in fact, are mired so deeply in the mud, selfishly indulging in the greed for riches that they rail against in every other forum while proclaiming their moral and intellectual superiority.

Balderdash! They’re not fooling anyone. Certainly not Tom Jurich, ready to play the next hand.

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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

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  1. Everybody associated with Texas A&M in denial mode right now but there’s a big SEC meeting this Saturday that should flush them out.

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