Thus far Charlie Strong has made only one request of University of Louisville football fans: Be in your seats on time, meaning get there in plenty of time for the kickoff. He repeated that request during his annual women’s clinic Saturday.

So maybe it’s time to trot out Card Game’s annual behest of fellow fans, hoping to improve the fan experience for both the hard core attendees and people who show up at football games for whatever reason, some suggested rules of fan etiquette:

  • Be in your seat before the game begins.
  • Don’t walk in front of other fans in the middle of a play. Wait till the play is over, then move quickly.
  • Know when to stand or not to stand.
  • Don’t boo the home team.
  • Keep a lid on the foul mouthing. Kids are listening.
  • Keep the cliches to yourself.
  • Spare us the running analysis. We’re not impressed with your knowledge of the obvious.
  • If wearing headphones, don’t keep repeating what you hear on the radio.
  • Don’t ask seatmates what just happened.  The public address announcer will usually explain.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Don’t leave until the game is over.
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By Charlie Springer

Charlie Springer is a former Louisville editor and sportswriter, a public affairs consultant, a UofL grad and longtime fan.

10 thoughts on “Improving the football fan experience”
  1. Great list! I might also suggest:

    Limit social, non-football dialogue while play is underway. (I so look forward to game-day updates on your friend’s yeast infection!)

    Limit time away from your seat while play is underway. (Some people in our row, are in their seats for fewer than half the plays. They couldn’t all have IBS!)

    1. Good suggestions, Tom. I really wonder why some people bother to show up. They wouldn’t do that during a basketball game.

  2. Don’t be mean or even condescending to someone sitting next to you who may be a fan but truly did not understand what just happened on the field. Be patient and explain nicely. After all, she may be buying your next beverage of choice. Go Cards!

  3. If you know what play the coach is going to call announce it BEFORE it happens.
    As in you cannot yell out, “You idiot, everybody knew we were going to run the football” after the play happens.

  4. just one to add:
    Don’t be a negative nancy.
    Have a guy behind me that thinks every play is terrible, every tackle is sloppy, any gain by the opposing team is due to our poor defensive play, and any offensive play that doesn’t result in a touchdown was poorly executed. And this guy is a hardcore, U of L die-hard guy.
    The relentless stream of “lets get something going!” “that tackle was terrible!” and “call the right play!” just grinds on you a few games into the season.

    So, while everything doesn’t have to be sunshine and lollipops, try to restrain the negativity to a few pointed instances. Not everything is terrible…

    1. Excellent addition, Jason. You must sit pretty close to us because there’s a guy a couple of rows behind me in Section 234 that you just described. I’m going to add your suggestion to the list next time. Thanks for the contribution.

  5. I’ll offer this one:

    Don’t sell your UofL vs. UK tickets to UK fans! It just creates tension and anger. Profit margin vs. team loyality….go with team loyality, please. For the last three home games against UK…someone in our section has done this and the UK fans that were there last season nearly got into a fight with Cardinal fans surrounding them. Sad truth is…it was the UofL fans who provoked the almost violent situation…

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